Learn Delta WiFi.com Login Procedure And Enjoy Your Delta Flight With High-Speed Internet

Written by Divya Sharma
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Updated On February 29, 2024

Are you struggling with internet speed on your flight?

Flying high is an experience for some and a day-to-day requirement for a lot of people. While juggling between flights and work, free WiFi access on board is like the cherry on the cake. 

Delta Flights, a premium US airline, has announced that it will give free WiFi to all its members on select flights. Earlier, this facility was only available for elite members, but the announcement has added enthusiasm amongst its regular users. 

So let’s explore the Deltawifi.com login portal and see what you need to do to access free internet on board. 

How to Get Delta WiFi Login Access?

Who does not like free high-speed internet on their flight? 

Supposedly, everyone!

Delta uses HTML5 for streaming, texting, and calling, and this is the secret behind high-speed free internet access between the clouds. Kudos to the deltawifi.com portal! now, every passenger with elite or non-elite membership can enjoy free high-speed internet. 

Delta Air Lines has collaborated with Sky Team to provide this facility to the users on board. Now, Delta passengers can enjoy an uninterrupted browsing experience. Intrigued? 

Here’s how to log in to the Delta WiFi com portal just in a few minutes!

  1. Launch the web browser and enter Delatwifi.com Login in your search bar.
  2. Click on the Login Tab.
    Click on the Login Tab
  3. Your screen will flash the Delta Onboard WiFi login page. Fill in your login credentials (SkyMiles Number, username, and password) in the required column. 
    Enter your username and Password
  4. Lastly, hit the Log In option.

Logging into Delta’s free WiFi portal is easy if you remember your login credentials. However, like me, if you also have the memory of a goldfish and tend to forget your login information, the next section will explain to you how to reclaim it. 

Method to Retrieve Your Login Credentials 

Forgot your login credentials?

In case you have forgotten your Delta wifi login credentials, you need not worry because retrieving the login credentials for Delta is as easy as resetting your Facebook password.  

Recover Delta Login Username

Navigate to the Deltawifi Login Portal and follow the steps to recover your Delta Login Username. 

  1. Click on the Login tab.
  1. Then, click on the Forgot Login tab. 
    Click on the Login Tab and tap on the Forgot Login link
  1. Now enter your Email Address, First name, and Last Name
    Enter your e mail adress
  1. Check your email to retrieve your login ID. 

Retrieve Delta Login Portal Password

Here are the simple steps to recover your portal password :  

  1. Visit the homepage of Deltawifilogin.com, and click on the Login Tab. 
  1. Just below the password tab, you will see the Forgot Password link, tap on it. 
    Tap on the Forgot Password links
  1. Enter your email ID and hit the Continue option.
    Enter your SkyMiles number email or username
  1. You’ll get a password reset link in your mail.

Just follow the prompts given there to set a new password. 

If you are a new member, you have to first create an account on the Sky Miles portal. Having a Sky Miles account is mandatory to access free Delta internet. So if you want to explore this free facility offered by Delta Airlines, registering at Sky Miles is a no-brainer. 

How to Register on Sky Miles?

The registration process at Sky Miles is pretty simple. The best part is that you can earn and redeem the miles/benefits once you join. The following steps will guide you through the registration process: –

  1. Visit the Delta.com/joinSkyMiles link.
  1. Fill in your First Name, Middle Name, and Last Name along with Date of Birth and Gender in the required Column. Then click on the Next option present below.
    Enter your first name middle name and last name with DOB and gender in the given columns and hit Next
  1. Now, fill in your Country, Address, City, State, Postal Code, Phone Number, and Email address in the designated place. Again, hit the Next option.  
    Enter your contact information and click next
  1. Finally, enter your Username and Password, select a security question, and lastly hit the Submit option.
    Fill in your Username and Password select a security question and click Submit

Voila! You are now a Sky Miles Member.

How to Connect Your Device to Delta WiFi?

To connect your devices to the Delta internet, you just have to follow these simple steps:

  • Put your device in Flight Mode.
  • Then, select Delta WiFi Network to sign in.
  • Add your Sky Miles email ID or username and password.
  • Once you log in, you can easily browse the internet for your work or entertainment onboard. 

Prerequisites of Delta WiFi Login Portal

Planning to access your Netflix account to binge-watch while on board?

Here’s what you need to get the Delta WiFi Login portal! 

  • To enjoy free internet, you need to be a member of Sky Miles
  • Register for a Sky Miles account if you don’t have one. Registration is free of cost, so no need to hesitate. 
  • You must have your login credentials for the Delta WiFi login portal.
  • Your laptop/ phone/ tablet must have an updated browser to enjoy quality WiFi browsing while on your flight. 

Benefits of the Delta WiFi Login Portal

Following are some of the benefits that you can get from the Delta WiFi login portal:-

  • Delta passengers benefit from free onboard WiFi. 
  • Viasat-backed good connectivity.
  • User data is protected with top-class encryption. 
  • iPhone and Android devices can enjoy free online messaging
  • Being a Sky Miles member, you can stream premium apps like Paramount Plus with Delta Sync on selected flights.

Delta WiFi Login Pitfalls

Undoubtedly, Delta Air Lines offers the best in-flight connectivity to its passengers in compliance with Sky Miles, but there are a few pitfalls as well. 

  • International redemptions via Sky Miles can cost over-the-top rates, specifically for business class passengers. 
  • Delta’s award pricing seems promising, however, flights during major holidays can require a handsome amount of miles; so maybe you spend more than procuring.  
  • More changes in their award and miles procurement plans can be announced by the end of this year, and for 2025.  

Essential Points to Know About Delta WiFi Login and Sky Miles Membership

Here is what you need to know about Sky Miles and Delta Wifi Login before signing up:

  • DeltaWiFi.com Login requires the passengers to have Sky Miles registration to access free internet on board.
  • Lightening fast aerial internet access provides the best overall onboard experience to all passengers. 
  • Sky Miles is a royalty program wherein the users/passengers can earn and redeem benefits in the form of Miles collected by them, including access to WiFi on the Deltawifilogin.com portal. 
  • It is free to join, and you can earn Miles every time you fly with Delta Airlines or its partner Airlines (Air France, KLM, Virgin Atlantic, Aero Mexico, China Eastern, Korean Airlines, and many more on their list). 
  • Also, the membership benefits you with facilities like priority check-in, lounge benefits, extra baggage permits, and so on. 

Delta WiFi Plans/ Access/ Subscription Plans

Here are some of the important things about Delta’s free internet access and subscription plans that one needs to keep in mind!

1. The Deltawifi.com login Portal and Sky Miles work hand in hand. The fare imposed by the airline makes you earn Sky Miles. So, in case your ticket fare is $150, your Sky Miles would turn out to be 100*5= 500 Sky Miles. Note: $50 is the fee. Also, these miles do not expire. 

2. You earn Sky Miles every time you travel. You can redeem these Sky Miles through airfares, magazines, checked bags, and much more. 

3. You can reap several benefits if you are a Delta Cardholder. The airlines accept cards and offer new cards if you want to purchase. 

4. Different Delta aircraft offer different services. You can avail of varied internet services if you have connecting flights. 

5. If you don’t wish to sign up for Sky Miles, you can get a Delta one-day flight pass to access the internet for long-duration flights. You aren’t allowed to make video and voice calls during the flight. 

6. Deltawifi.com login data access is not for Intelsat-equipped aircraft. Access also excludes Boeing 717 aircraft or Delta Connection partner-operated two-class Regional aircraft (CRJ-700, CRJ-900, and Embraer E170 and E175).

7. The subscription or WiFi pass works on flights with standard internet services enabled by Viasat and WiFi onboard. 

8. On domestic flights operating within the United States, Canada, and Mexico, monthly internet Onboard services with network coverage will cost you around $49.95. 

9. Viasat’s KA is available on 220-300 (Selective Aircraft), 319, 321, 737-800, and 757-200D.

10. WiFi Onboard (Earlier GoGo) is available on 220-100, 220-300 (Select Aircraft), a330-200, 300-300, 330-900, 717-200, 757-300, 767-300, 767-400, CRJ400, CRJ700, CRJ900, ERJ170, ERJ175. 

How to Contact Delta WiFi Support Team

In case you have any problem accessing WiFi you can download the Delta app for your Mobile Phones. The app is designed to provide all the support services to its passengers and cater to their needs. It’s easily accessible on both Android and iOS devices. 

Just install the app, and the customer care center along with the Help Desk segment is ready to address your grievances and queries. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans: You need to enter your Sky Miles credentials to access free Delta wifi login access onboard.

Ans: No, voice calls and video calls are not permitted only messaging is allowed.

Ans: Delta WiFi supports Apple Safari 12.1, Google Chrome 79.0, Microsoft Edge 79.0, and Mozilla Firefox 78.0. The higher versions of these browsers are also acceptable.

  • Google Chrome 79.0 or higher
  • Microsoft Edge 79.0 or higher
  • Mozilla Firefox 78.0 or higher
  • Apple Safari 12.1 or higher

Author: Divya Sharma