Cloud or Local Solutions—Choose the Right One for Your Company

Written by Mehak Gupta
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Updated On December 22, 2023

Among the system solutions in enterprises, there is a choice of cloud-based or local solutions. It is worth learning a bit more about them, as well as familiarizing yourself with the aspects of choosing the right system.

Costs and Maintenance

If we go with local solutions, we should expect higher costs. These costs are related to both the implementation of local infrastructure and its maintenance. In this case, there is a need to purchase the required equipment and use the technical service. However, when choosing cloud-based solutions, the costs of this type are limited because the purchase of the necessary equipment and its maintenance is the provider’s responsibility. The customer is only obligated to pay monthly fees for using this system.

Protection Against Threats

Another critical aspect worth paying attention to when choosing the right solutions for your company is the protection against threats and the selection of the best security measures. In the case of choosing local solutions, the customer is responsible for creating an appropriate security system. In this case, fewer people have access to corporate data, which is a significant advantage for some customers. However, it should be noted that the current cloud-based solutions have excellent security, which will undoubtedly prevent third parties from accessing data.


Compliance is another important aspect of choosing system solutions for your enterprise. When it comes to local solutions, the customer has to take care of compliance and appropriate adjustment of individual elements on his own, which contributes to the need for frequent use of technical support. On the other hand, when choosing cloud-based solutions, all processes are compatible and work with appropriately adapted equipment so that the customer does not have to adjust individual elements on his own.


When choosing system solutions for an enterprise, their reliability is of great importance. Thanks to reliable systems, all processes carried out in the company will be effective and efficient. Access to a stable internet connection is crucial for cloud-based solutions because it is necessary during work. There are a range of different approaches where you can use system solutions, for example, you can use a cloud that is based to control your indoor navigation.  However, when it comes to local solutions, it is possible to store data on the server, which does not require access to the internet in each case. It is worth using custom software that will increase the effectiveness of tasks carried out within the enterprise.

Data Backup

Among the most important aspects related to choosing the right system for the enterprise, we can also mention the possibility of data backup, which is extremely important for the functioning of any company. When it comes to local solutions, all data is stored on internal servers. On the other hand, cloud-based solutions allow for creating backup copies on external servers, which reduces the risk of data loss without the possibility of recovering it.

Author: Mehak Gupta