Can My iPhone’s Location Be Tracked?

Written by Divya Sharma
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Updated On November 22, 2023

Losing your phone is always an annoying situation. However, if you are using an iPhone, you can always track your location.

However, tracking isn’t necessarily limited to the user. Unfortunately, there are certain ways in which other individuals can track someone’s iPhone.

How Can Someone Track My iPhone?

There are several ways to track iPhone. The most obvious method is when the tracker is aware of your Apple ID credentials. If anyone knows these details, they will be able to use the “Find My iPhone” feature to track your phone.

But, how to know if someone is tracking your phone?

There are some signs of figuring out whether your iPhone is being tracked. Some of these are:

  • Battery drains faster than usual
  • Elevated data usage on your phone
  • Unrecognized applications on your iPhone are also a sign of tracking

Most Common Ways of Tracking Someone’s iPhone

No one likes to have their phones tracked. However, phone tracking is still prevalent even in times of strict privacy laws. This raises the question: How can I be tracked on my iPhone?

Here are some of the most common ways of tracking someone’s iPhone:

iPhone Spyware

Although Apple provides utmost privacy and security in its iPhones, certain apps can be downloaded on your iPhone which can trace your location and send it to the receiving party.

They are more commonly known as Spy Apps, or celltrackingapps. The majority of these spy apps go undetected in your iPhone making it hard to get rid of them. These apps can be used for criminal and malicious reasons. Hence, it is important to pay attention to the signs of tracking and take the necessary action.

Family Sharing

This unique feature of the iPhone comes in handy when you want to let your family know your exact whereabouts. However, it can also be used to track your phone even when you are not aware of it.

To enable this function, you have to go to Settings on your iPhone. You can then use the “Family Sharing” feature and enable “Share My Location”. Lastly, you can add the select family members to share the location with them.

Find My iPhone

Perhaps the most common method for locating your phone would be to use the “Find My iPhone” feature which allows you to track your iPhone using any other device. The only limitation is having your Apple ID credentials.

However, to use this feature you must have the “Find My iPhone” feature enabled on your device. The downside is that most of the time if someone is tracking you using the “Find My iPhone” feature, it doesn’t show up as alerts on your iPhone. Therefore, turn off the feature unless you have use of it.

Quick Tips to Protect Your iPhone from Being Tracked

With all how your phone can be tracked, it is important to consider setting up relevant security options to ensure you are not the victim of non-consensual tracking. Mobile experts advise you to consider the following precautionary measures:

  • Disabling your iPhone location sharing
  • Changing your Apple ID password
  • Disabling location-based ads and alerts
  • Block third-party apps from viewing your location
  • Downloading and running antivirus software
  • Finally, if all else fails, factory reset your iPhone to delete any irrelevant applications


While iPhones offer top-notch security features, they are not perfect. Individuals with malicious intents often try to hack or locate your iPhone. Therefore, it is vital to take necessary precautions and look for signs of location tracking to prevent any mishaps from occurring.

Author: Divya Sharma