Where to Hire Offshore Java Developers

Written by Mehak Gupta
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Updated On December 22, 2023

There are a lot of programming languages a person can choose from. However, Java remains the most popular one. This language can boast of a long history and a good reputation. It provides numerous advantages to the developers and makes their lives much easier. 

The Reasons to Choose Java

The Java programming language has a range of benefits that make it so appealing to code writers. No wonder Java is so popular among the world-known retailers, banking establishments, insurance companies, etc. Being relatively old, this language is highly innovative. Thanks to regular updates you can easily run a code that you have written 8 years ago even on the most sophisticated device. Hire top ionic developers for building high-performing hybrid mobile apps.

Among the main reasons to opt for Java is that it can cover a range of tasks. Java is considered to be the best option for web development. It offers a range of beneficial tools that speed up the development process. To get to know more about web development visit this site. The Java programming language is also extremely popular among the developers of Android apps. Due to its flexibility and independent code provided by the platform, Java is used for building platforms that meet government and healthcare purposes. What’s more, Java is a great option for the development of computer games and cloud servicing offers. 

What You Should Know About Java Developers 

Since the Java programming language is so popular, there are a lot of professionals for you to choose from. This fact may be viewed as another great advantage it provides.

Developers tend to learn Java because it can boast of sophisticated open-source databases and libraries that are entirely beneficial. This programming language also offers a range of in-built tools for writing bug-free and rich Java codes. Such tools include efficient text editors and instruments for managing memory issues. 

How to Hire Offshore Java Developers?

 If you want to hire Java developers with vast experience and high expertise without paying a fortune for it, choose offshore specialists. As you know, the salary and freelance rates differ from country to country. 

 Among the most expensive Java developers are those from the USA, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, France, and Germany. Just bear in mind that the salary of a senior Java developer in the USA reaches $ 202,000 per year. The same specialist from India, for example, earns  $ 14,447 per year. Such a striking difference explains why so many companies opt for offshore developers. 

Apart from the traditional employment model, we should mention freelance workers. Many companies prefer exactly this type of developer to avoid additional expenditures. Just like with the salary freelance rates differ a lot. In the US a senior specialist will ask for  $120 per hour, in Canada –  $95, in the United Kingdom – $130, in Germany – $120, in India – $65.

Now Ukraine is one of the most popular specialist markets. A lot of overseas companies opt for Java developers from Ukraine. The reasons are multiple. Firstly, the IT sphere is extremely popular in this country with 16, 000 specialists graduating from universities every year. Ukraine aims at becoming a digital country. Numerous initiatives even at the governmental level prove it. 

Ukrainian specialists can boast of deep knowledge and vast expertise in the field. If you still have doubts visit HackerRank and TopCoder websites. Located in the center of Europe this country is easy to reach. Specialists from Ukraine conquer the IT sector and have the ambition to dominate it. 

Despite having vast experience, Java developers in Ukraine ask for relatively low salaries when compared with other countries. Junior Java specialists receive $ 20 per hour, middle – $ 37 per hour, senior – $ 65 per hour. It means that as a company owner you can save a great deal of money without sacrificing the quality by hiring Ukrainian Java developers. 

What You Should Know to Hire Java Experts 

Just like with any other sphere it is pivotal to have a particular strategy to find great experts. Even if you opt for freelancers you should make sure the candidate masters his or her sector. Apart from the general questions about the Java concepts, ask some specific questions. These questions may be about the Java interface, peculiarities of generic collection, volatile variables, etc. If you lack expertise, hire an experienced HR manager to cover this issue. 

Make sure the interviewed person is flexible, able to work in a team and solve complicated tasks. Tricky questions about some possible scenarios and their actions in these situations can help you make a well-informed decision. The communication with the candidate must run comfortably and smoothly. Otherwise, there might be misunderstandings in the future. 

 Don’t forget to ask for a CV and portfolio. The works should be diverse and original. In terms of the offshore specialists take into account different time zones, languages, and lack of face-to-face communication. 

Final Thoughts 

Luckily, there are a lot of Java developers with vast experience and high expertise to choose from. Offshore specialists can save you a great deal of money and increase your profit. Before choosing this model, investigate the IT sector in all countries and find the most suitable option exactly for you. Such decisions require patience, dedication, and time. 

Author: Mehak Gupta