What are the Advantages of Earning Cisco Certification and Which One Pays the Most?

Advantages of Earning Cisco Certification


Over the last few years, competition for jobs in the IT sector has become more intense due to the increased number of professionals it is attracting. And that is why certifying knowledge and technical skills is essential for individuals pursuing a career in this domain. Certifications issued by Cisco are some of the most sought-after IT accreditations because of the benefits that come with them. This article looks at the main advantages of achieving a Devnet Associate, including financial prospects.

Advantages of Obtaining a Cisco Certification

Accreditations from Cisco have been around for a long time. As a result, they have a solid reputation as being the best validation for networking expertise. Many IT experts want to add a Cisco certificate to their CCNA it brings many advantages to their careers. Here are some of the reasons why you should attain a Cisco certification:

Boost Confidence in Yourself

The process of earning a Cisco certificate can be a challenging endeavor. The reason for this is that this vendor designs its accreditations to validate only the best professionals. Having a Cisco validation under your belt, you can rest assured that you possess first-class networking skills. This success also enhances your confidence in yourself.

Increased Job Opportunities

Although the IT space still needs a large number of specialists, it does not mean that landing a job is guaranteed. Having the right skills certified by a well-respected organization such as Cisco is a major boost. This vendor provides networking technologies to customers from all over the world. Therefore, when you earn any of the 300-410, you will be in a strong position to get employed in many countries.

Continuous Learning

Cisco accreditations are valid for three years. Recertification is possible through sitting a renewed exam or completing tasks associated with the continuing education program. The purpose of this is to include emerging technologies into the skills required to get certified. So, earning at least one of the Cisco certificates will result in constant learning which will allow you to stay current with developments in the sector. Also, you can keep on sharpening your skills as you move through the certification ranks from the entry to the expert tier.

Recognition and Acceptance

Employers in the IT world require highly knowledgeable and skilled individuals who can solve networking problems. However, how can they know that you are competent? Holding a Cisco certificate will reveal to them that you have the expertise to provide efficient solutions. Furthermore, you will be aligned with the best vendor in this field which will make you more visible in the crowd of your non-certified peers. 

Top Paying Cisco Certificates

The greatest motivator for getting certified is to increase the salary potential. Cisco accreditations serve this purpose better than the certificates from any other provider. However, the pay you will get will vary depending on your experience level and the sphere you choose. The CCIE accreditation is the most rewarding financially among the Cisco accreditations with an average salary of $149,846 per year, according to ZipRecruiter. Next is the CCNP accreditation which, according to the same source, encompasses a median salary of $107,293 annually. The expert-level and professional-level certifications are the most rewarding accreditations issued by Cisco because of the years of experience that you are recommended to have before you can comfortably earn them.

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Cisco certification is what you need to earn to be competitive in the IT market and enjoy a number of perks it brings to you. That explains the fact why many specialists strive to earn it. So, what are you waiting for? Gain accreditation from this vendor, get recognition and acceptance and build a prosperous career in CCIE.

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