Why is Bitcoin Always in the Headlines?

Written by Ryan Green
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Updated On December 22, 2023

The cryptocurrency market, for sure, comes with many complexities and volatility. You might have seen that bitcoin and other digital token remains in the headlines. Also, some news channels are highly dedicated to the cryptocurrency space only. They will provide you with the news associated with the digital investment market and other opportunities associated with the same. But, before you get to test the cryptocurrency market, you should understand that it will be your best investment opportunity, and you can start investing by using a reliable platform such as Profit Edge. In the future, if you are investing, everyone suggests you go with a bitcoin because it is the imperial leader of the market. It provides you with the highest return and has the highest share of the cryptocurrency market. Therefore, if the market is going to fall, it will happen because of bitcoin only.

So, it signifies that bitcoin is a leader in the whole digital space of crypto coins. Moreover, there have been a lot of other investment opportunities like non-fungible tokens and others, but they are not as good as bitcoins. Today, if you are here to learn about why bitcoin leads the whole cryptocurrency space and why it is always in the headline, you will get answers to your questions. You will learn about the complexities of bitcoins and why it is considered the best coin in the world. We will provide you with the details in the below-given points. By reading the details, you will learn about how bitcoin is always capable of capturing the headlines on almost every news channel across the world.

High Volatility

There is an essential thing that you always have to be worried about in the cryptocurrency market. It is nothing else but the volatility of the investment opportunities you make. It would help if you understood that regardless of your investment in the crypto world, it will be highly volatile. When it is about the bitcoin, you will experience the highest quality late in the market. So, the primary reason for almost every news channel to cover the bitcoin all the time is its high volatility. Bitcoin is the most volatile digital token, which makes it the most important thing to cover on every news channel.

High Market Share

Another crucial detail that makes bitcoin very important to be covered by almost every news channel across the world is its very high market share. Yes, you would be surprised to know that bitcoin covers almost 45% of the total cryptocurrency space. It is the largest share of the crypto world; therefore, covering bitcoin has become crucial. If any news channel does not cover the bitcoin, it is not covering almost half of the cryptocurrency space’s details.

Best Returns

Bitcoin is capable of making people hopeful about the cryptocurrency space. Yes, it is because everyone investing in bitcoin is getting a lot of returns. If you look around, you will find that people invest in cryptocurrencies because they want to make money, and we are doing so with the help of bitcoin. So, bitcoin has the highest share, and due to its volatility, it can return the highest amount of possible money to the people. So, it is a point to be covered by almost every news channel worldwide.


Due to the complexities of the cryptocurrency market and the government’s opinion on bitcoin, it always remains under controversy. Some nations are willing to accept bitcoin, while others are not. It is why it remains in the headlines. Some people think that bitcoin is good while others don’t, which is why it always managed to capture headlines on every news channel. You will be surprised to see that the controversy surrounding bitcoin made it famous and positively impacted its valuation.

Government’s Interest

Needless to say, the cryptocurrency space is highly dependent on bitcoin only. Moreover, the governments of some nations have a lot of interest in bitcoin, making it an essential matter of notice. Everyone who knows about the cryptocurrency space knows about bitcoin as well. So, if any government is going to consider accepting the cryptocurrency space, they would begin with bitcoin only. It is something that makes the bitcoin and imperial topic to be covered by almost every media house. They want to ensure that everyone knows the channel or their page, and therefore, they keep headlines for guarding the weekend only.

Author: Ryan Green