At What Age Should Children be Allowed to Use the Internet?

Written by Ankit
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Updated On December 15, 2023

In this age of digitalization and learning, the internet is an amazing way to learn new things, you can learn and everything by using the internet. There are some negative sides to the internet. Parents should be careful when they are going to allow their kids to use the internet. Experts suggest there is a particular age, after that, you can allow the kids to use the internet, the age calculator guides us what is the age of your kids. It is essential to allow internet access completely to the kids. 


Some parents are in this issue have an altogether different perspective, they want to give the kids the freedom, so they can decide what is right and what is wrong and just provide them the guidelines and let them use what they want to use, whatever the age, some parent in this opinion, there is a certain age for kids to use the internet, such parents can use the birthday calculator age to know exactly. What is the age of their kids, and then they can decide when to allow the kids to use the internet freely or not?

In this article, we are discussing what is the appropriate age for kids to use the internet freely.

The Importance of the Internet

The internet is one of the most important innovations of the 21st century, students can learn a lot from the internet. In the past, most computers were not connected to the internet, but in our age, most of the computers have a Wi-Fi connection and these devices are connected to the Internet. It is great for the kids to use the internet and learn a lot, but you should use an age calculator to determine which age is appropriate for your kids when you are using the age in months calculator to find what is the age of your kids.

 The main solution to the problem is a shared computer at this computer all the family members and the kids have access then parents can keep a watch on their kid’s activities, and they can provide them limited access to their coursework activities. You can use manage the activities of kids on the intent by using a family computer for the whole family.

Parents Faces Tricky Issue

Parents have busy schedules, and they have no time for the kids to see and monitor their activities. They also know the importance of the internet as kids not using the online resource remain far behind the other kids, so to keep the pace of the time, parents know the importance of the internet, but they face a tricky business. 

Kids can handle things after a specific age, you can use the age calculator to find the perfect age of the kids. Some parents don’t know how to calculate your age, but it is quite easy and you can find the method of using the calculator online. 

Monitoring the kids can be an uphill task, these days, but the parents can use various types of restrictions to give the kids limited access to the kids. This makes the whole procedure of monitoring the kid’s activities a little easy, and you can also track all the sites and places your kids have visited. 

The Windows have the Parental control software in place in Windows. So the software applications can be used to avoid tricky situations and to track all the activities of eh kids.

The Parent’s Opinion

Around 94 % of the parents have allowed their kids one or more devices to use online. Most parents have allowed their kids at the age of 8 years to allow their kids to use the internet and various online devices. When we use the age calculator, there are around 8 years of an average age around the US, the kids are freely using the kids. Around 29 % of the parents are happy to allow their kids to use mobile phones and they don’t want to supervise their activities. 40 % of eh parents are happy to allow their kids to use the internet without any supervision. 

Most of the people are showing stricter behavior for the kids who have no kids themselves. Their point is much harder, but they don’t have any kids for themselves. This data has shown there is a divided opinion of eh parents regarding the usage of the internet for the kids. Most of the parents are in the usage of the internet as they are thinking that without the internet, their kids won’t able to get their education properly, and they think they will gradually learn how to use the internet themselves.

The Proper Age of the Free Use of the Internet

Children below 7 years should not be allowed the free use of the internet, you can use the age calculator to find the age of your kids. After that, you can give them some of the access freely for the kids to use the Intent and social media somehow, but you need to use the safe filtering search engine for your kids, the kids between 10 to 12 years want to experience more independence, provide them more access to the kids.

 Such kids need more access but you need to enforce an eye on the kids, provide the kids more freedom between the age of 12 to 14. You can give the kids complete access to kids and freedom to your kids between the age of 16 years, at this age, the kids have grown and matured to handle the content available on the internet. 

You can use the age calculator to find if your kids have reached the time when you are giving them full access to the internet. Some people may argue, there should be an age of at least 18 years when you need to give full access to the kids. But in our opinion kids are developed their minds early in this age of digitalization and you can provide full access to your kids at the age of 16 years. The internet also became necessary for them in this age.