3 Ways to Improve Your Career Potential in the IT Sector

Written by Zayn Tindall
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Updated On November 22, 2023

In 2023, there are a wide range of professions within the IT sector. It is recognized that nearly all businesses rely on IT services and systems to function effectively. Put simply, modern organizations could not work to the same level of efficiency without having access to a range of IT services and applications. Working in IT allows employees to cultivate a meaningful career that often benefits from highly competitive remuneration packages when compared to other forms of work. Specialist IT positions for highly experienced and knowledgeable professionals can command salaries over $100k per year, which makes working in this field an extremely attractive proposition. However, it should be recognized that competition for jobs within the IT industry is strong and applicants will need to demonstrate their skills and abilities effectively as part of the recruitment process. If you are looking to improve your career potential within the IT sector, then this article will be of benefit. Three key ways to improve your prospects will be discussed.

Commit to Lifelong Learning

As a first point, it is of paramount importance to recognize that working in the field of IT means that a commitment should be made to the philosophy of lifelong learning. Few other professions have the rapid pace of change and development as is found in the IT sector. Knowledge and skills can quickly become obsolete if they are not built upon, as new technology and advanced applications can change working methods in a relatively short period. As new technology becomes dominant in the workplace, there is the expectation that IT professionals will quickly become proficient in its use. One of the reasons why jobs in the IT sector are well paid is that staff are required to keep abreast of the latest developments in the field as they are often needed to be applied in the workplace.

Build Software Dev Skills 

There is an increasing need for all IT professionals to have highly developed coding skills. Coding is needed across a range of IT jobs to build and maintain IT systems and it is now considered to be a vital skill. In addition, software development skills are also in extremely high demand by employers as many firms will look to create their own bespoke applications and software packages. Today, software developers can command extremely high salaries as their skills are needed across the industry. A recent trend in the creation of new software solutions is to use microservices when building a software package. This allows future upgrades and software maintenance to take place more easily with less potential for extended downtime due to the component nature of microservices. Put simply, IT professionals who gain proficiency in software development skills will be in high demand for the foreseeable future.


As a final point, it is important to recognize the power of networking in the IT industry. This sector creates new jobs and roles at a faster pace than most other industries and by building a network of professional IT contacts within the industry you may be able to hear about new positions before they are even advertised. Build a network of key contacts within your organization and in related companies (by being active on professional social media platforms, such as LinkedIn), as this can be a key strategy to progress your career.

Author: Zayn Tindall