5 Amazing Tools to Start a Business in a Few Days

Written by Ankit
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Updated On December 15, 2023

It is entirely possible to start a business in 2022 with no money.

You’ll have it vastly more accessible than Amazon, Disney, and McDonald’s did decades ago. But how is that possible?

Simply put, there has never been a moment when launching an idea was so inexpensive.

Both manufacturing and selling your goods on the open market cost little or no money. Instead, time, ingenuity, patience, and perseverance will be your money.

Here are 5 free tools to help you launch, promote, and profit from your new venture.

1. Dropbox

Businesses that are just getting started should avoid spending too much money on device memory such as thumb drives (e.g., USB) or 4 TB hard drives, which may quickly cost hundreds of dollars. You won’t require all of that digital storage space. No, not yet.

There are many free cloud storage services available that make saving files simple and accessible from anywhere. Dropbox has a free service that allows you to save, sync, and share files fast and easily. It comes with 2 GB of storage space. You can also use these amazing geocoding api business tool.

Keeping your files in “the cloud” implies storing them in a remote place that is accessible from any device. Your username and password are all you’ll need. Additional encryption mechanisms have been implemented to ensure the safety of your data.

When it comes to backing up and securing your data, cloud storage enhances efficiency and productivity. All updates are made in real-time with Dropbox. You can access a file as soon as you save it on your desktop, mobile phone, or tablet, as long as the Dropbox app is installed.

2. Canva

It may appear that making a flier necessitates a slew of tools: Photoshop for image editing, InDesign for layout, Snapseed for filters, and Unsplash for finding the perfect stock photo. What if you could locate them all in one location?

Canva is a visual design platform that offers a superb mix of editing and publishing features. A rich image library, a collection of ready-made themes, collaboration tools, and the option to share material directly with your social network are all included with a free sign-up.

Their template library makes it simple to create content. Templates for proposals, video thumbnails, flyers, and more are available.

Furthermore, each template is size-optimized for the specific location where the design will be used. Banners, single postings, and avatar photographs all have different proportions depending on the platform.

3. Wave

Keeping track of your funds is essential if you’re running a business. Several accounting services and software like Paystub generator operate as digital ledgers to record business transactions. QuickBooks, FreshBooks, and Xero are well-known accounting software. However, this program might cost up to $500.

Try Wave as a free alternative. The free plan allows you to keep track of your income and expenses, record receipts, and take payments. They also offer a variety of other financial services and tools.

When collecting payments from consumers, like with other businesses, there is a 2.9 percent + 30 percent every transaction for all credit cards.

The Wave should not be used by corporations or organizations with more than 20 employees. The platform is ideal for small enterprises and those just getting started. The platform has a short learning curve and is very user-friendly. There are tutorials and a blog with a wealth of financial knowledge for those just starting.

4. Bitly

There are a plethora of URL shortening websites available on the internet. The functionality is essentially the same across all of them. Bitly is a good option. It’s short and straightforward to recall.

Short links come in handy in a variety of situations.

Despite its simplicity, customers are unlikely to remember this unusually long website URL. Short customized links are easier to remember. Furthermore, displaying that you are using a free website provider may be perceived as unprofessional.

5. MailerLite

You’ll need a way to communicate with your customers to expand your firm. To keep your products fresh in their memories, give them a discount code or wish them a lovely holiday season.

Newsletters are an excellent approach to increasing customer loyalty, raising brand exposure, and communicating directly with a target demographic.

MailerLite is a 100% free email marketing platform used by over 700,000 enterprises, startups, and freelancers each month to send over 1 billion emails. MailerLite was named the 5th fastest growing SaaS (software as a service) company globally by SaaS Magazine in 2019.

Last But Not Least,

Starting a business with no money may seem difficult at first, but it is not impossible. Small company owners will benefit from the free tools and resources listed in this article.

There are numerous free services available to create logos websites and even accept money and send bills. It requires ingenuity and a great memory for canceling right before the trial time expires to identify these companies. I hope this information is helpful.

Do you have any suggestions for more accessible and simple-to-use products for new business owners?