Stablecoins to Invest in 2023

Written by Ryan Green
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Updated On December 22, 2023

Amongst the digital assets, stablecoins are slowly making their mark and becoming famous globally. They are those cryptos that hold their specific value, which is comparable with the current US dollar value. If you are new to this concept and don’t know what it is all about, it is high time you get aware of its risks and benefits and why people trust it with their eyes closed.

According to the analysts who investigated the progress made by stablecoins over the years, the prices and the users are still not enough. Instead, they give significance to the qualitative as well as quantitative analyses. Of course, this would require judgment and numbers to make a proper analysis. Nevertheless, the thorough research and in-depth scrutiny led to these analysts making a list of the best stable coins in terms of value and long-term investment. Check out the bitcoin system if you want to start trading bitcoin.


Many people have increasingly started putting their bets on Tether, and that too for the right reasons. It is backed by the fiat currency, i.e., the dollar. You can imagine it so that everything there is a US dollar that goes in the bank vault. There is an automatic issuance of a stablecoin. This stablecoin goes directly into the digital wallet that is in your possession. To redeem this stablecoin, the bank simply pulls a dollar out from the vault. This way, the stablecoin gets deleted immediately. Hence, they are known as fiat-backed stablecoins in the common language

Currently, fiat-backed stablecoins are the most sought-after ones. This is because the investors trust them with their eyes closed, which has further augmented their popularity. Even though any central authority or government does not issue these coins, the traders still trust them as if the government backs them completely!


Paxos Gold 

Another hugely popular stablecoin is Paxos Gold. People who tend to buy huge chunks of bitcoins and then manage them through the bitcoin trading software have now shifted towards Paxos gold. This is because a commodity backs it. Any stablecoin that is backed by either gold or some other precious metal is what the traders put their trust on. 

The working of this coin is like what we learned about the working of dollar-backed ones. The only difference is that once someone buys a stablecoin, there is gold worth that value bought and reserved. As the value of the dollar is used in making this deal and purchase, in a way, it is also backed by the dollars. Therefore, it is quite an efficient manner of holding some hold without having to purchase any physical item.

When there is some financial uncertainty, these stablecoins can be pretty beneficial. You can have some gold-backed coins without needing to purchase some physical items. Hence, in a way, you have gold possessed in the form of cryptocurrency. 


Dai is yet another stablecoin, which is not as stable as the other two options just discussed yet holds some great value. In simple words, these types of crypto coins are backed by some other crypto assets. However, the catch is that you might need huge collateral to buy stablecoins backed by cryptos. For instance, you may have to pay an amount for two cryptos to have one stablecoin in your possession. Hence, the value of stablecoin enhances in terms of financial outsourcing. 

Why Invest in Stablecoins?

Apart from the fact that investing in stablecoin will help you expand your portfolio, there are various other reasons why you should choose it as your next asset. 

Safely Parks Your Digital Investments

Bitcoins tend to change their value swiftly. The market is volatile, and you can’t really do anything about it. Being a trader who is always buying or selling cryptos, having stable coins gives you a way to reduce the chances of a loss. You don’t lose the value of your investment to half overnight. 

It Helps You Keep Various Forms of Assets

You must be holding some fiat currency with you in your bank. That’s the traditional economy you are a part of. Apart from being connected to this system, if you want to associate yourself with the digital economy, having stablecoins is a way to connect these two!

Author: Ryan Green