Buying Used Vehicles? Here are a Few Red Flags You Should Watch Out for

Written by Abby Hill
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Updated On January 2, 2023

Whether you are a resident or expat in the UAE, you cannot do without having a car of your own. You would see both standard cars as well as the latest sports and luxury cars here. 

Those who cannot afford new ones can look for a luxury car for rent in Dubai as per their needs. Or they can choose from many used cars available in the emirate. The latter option allows people to have their own means of transportation and even get a luxury set of wheels a lot cheaper since they depreciate fast in the initial years.

Buying used cars is not what it used to be. You can find a good deal and get yourself a reliable car at good prices. However, that is only possible if you know what to avoid while making the deal.

Here are a few precautions you should bear in mind before buying used vehicles:

Automotive Recalls

When a manufacturer deems a car, car seat, equipment, or tire defective or unsafe, a recall is issued. Automotive recalls are an important reason to do a thorough search before investing in a used vehicle. If the car you are thinking of has outstanding recalls, you can check its recall history online. For a safety recall, the manufacturer is supposed to fix it free of cost.

Extra and Unnecessary Finance Charges

Surely, access to financing is one of the major benefits of buying from a dealership or online platform that deals in used cars. But you must read the fine print. Do not hesitate to ask questions so you know how much you will be paying per month and the tenure of these payments. Sometimes, they also offer extras like paint sealant and glass etching that have additional costs. It is better to do your homework beforehand.

Indications of Defects

You need to use your best judgment skills. If you come across signs that indicate that there are defects, don’t buy the car. These signs can be excessive rust, worn-out tailpipes, or cracked dash lights. During the test drive, pay attention to how the car sounds and drives. If you feel something is off, double-check the title as well as the history report.

Insufficient Paperwork

Owners who take care of their cars are careful about documenting the life of their cars. If the seller fails to provide you with the service records and the price is low, they could be trying to get rid of the car so you have to deal with the repairs. Not that you cannot get great used cars at low prices, but it is recommended to tread safely.

On the other hand, sellers with the proper documentation mark their cars based on their market value and have to record them as proof. If the car is priced way below its market value, it means that the seller cannot wait to sell the car and it is quite likely that it requires repairs.

Mismatched Paint

If you see spots and splotches of paint that do not match the rest of the car, walk away. When you see mismatched paint, it means that there is damage, rust, or a sign of repairs that the owner has tried to hide with paint.

Missing or Wrong Title

The car seller should have all the necessary documents required for the sale of the car. If he does not have the title of the car that they are selling, walk away. Without the title, they don’t legally have the right to sell the car. In case he has the title, see that it’s legitimate complete with their name, correct VIN, and state seal.

Poor State of Interiors

Torn or tears in the upholstery, cracks in the trimming, and stains show that the car has not been treated well. But if the carpet or one of the seats is new, it means that the car has gotten flooded.

Strange Price Adjustments

If you come across any suspicious price adjustments, make sure you ask about them. For example, if you are buying from a used car dealership, they might call it Market Value Adjustments or Adjusted Dealer Markups. Sometimes, they are legit. But in most cases, they are just ways to get some extra money. Get information about each of the charges listed.

The Seller is Insistent

If the seller is pushy and looks like they just want to get rid of the car, it means that they are trying to hide the negative aspects of the car. Do not buy a car from sellers who don’t allow you to inspect the car yourself or through a professional and are not keen on letting you take the car for a test drive.

These were some of the main red flags you ought to pay attention to while buying used cars. Even if you’re renting a car in Dubai, you must be very careful. For a hassle-free and stress-free experience, rent a car from One Click Drive, the best car rental service provider in Dubai.

Author: Abby Hill
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