Easy Methods to Earn Hefty Profits Through BTC

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Updated On December 22, 2023

Unsurprisingly, an innovation in the cryptocurrency sector is starting to disrupt the relationships between finance and tech. If you are looking for the best trading source, try BitAlpha AI and enjoy a seamless trading experience. You have great choices of digital currencies to trade and invest in. For example, Ripple’s protocol is an excellent tool for sending and receiving any currency to and from across borders.

The below-listed portion will provide information on how to earn a profit through Bitcoin by trading it like stocks (buying low and selling high). If you want to know more about Bitcoin, trading platforms and exchanges are essential with which you can trade your coins. Bitcoin is a global currency without borders.  

Over the past few months, Bitcoin has been fleshed out and formatted by hundreds of news articles and online platforms. This impressive growth has attracted a new wave of investors looking for ways to make money off this development, but these methods are relatively simple. Starting trading Bitcoin at an early age requires minimal capital, as well as proper knowledge about different services and exchanges available around the world. Let’s all the potential ways of earning profits from bitcoin in detail. 

Bitcoin Trading:

A CFD trading account allows you to speculate on the price of a cryptocurrency and its associated derivative products by allowing you to buy and sell cryptocurrency CFDs backed by real coins. 

Tips for Bitcoin Trading:

(A). Select a Trading Strategy:

A single strategy of trading is not ideal for all investors. You need to understand your financial goals and learn what kind of returns you can make to select the best strategy for you. Let’s explore some legit bitcoin trading strategies. 

  • Intraday trading: Intraday trading is also known as day trading and is the process of buying and selling assets that are bought and sold within 30 minutes. The day traders generally only trade assets during the day’s first or last trading session. The reason is to buy in at a lower price than their entry price on the way up and sell on the way down.
  • Scalping: Scalping involves trades in which you have positions that take place within a few minutes. It differs from long-term positions based around larger time frames like 3-5 days or up to 2 months. Scalping is similar to day trading because it allows you to buy low and sell high. However, it does so over a much shorter period. Scalping requires you to place trades within a short window of minutes. It is possible on assets with low liquidity; this means you may need to wait a while before your buy or sell is executed.
  • Swing Trading: Swing trading involves trading with many different assets, such as stocks, forex and metals (gold, silver and other precious metals). 
  • Arbitrage trading: Arbitrage trading involves acting on the pricing differences of an asset between two different exchanges to make a profit. Arbitrage comes from the laws of Economics, which state that there should be no price difference for the same asset between two different exchanges. This term describes how traders execute trades throughout the trading session at regular intervals. Arbitrage trading aims to capture short- and long-term gains with numerous daily trades.
  • Long Term Trading: Long-term positions are typically held for longer than 1 week and up to months at a time.

(b) Keep trading records:

Trading records allow you to keep track of your performance and make adjustments to your strategy as necessary. In addition, this vital tool will help you pursue greater profits as time goes on.

Bitcoin Mining:

Mining is the act of confirming bitcoin transactions via a peer-to-peer network of computers whose purpose is to confirm blocks and ultimately create new bitcoins. Every ten minutes or so, mining computers receive a “block” of transactions, which they check against past transactions on the network to ensure that the sender has the right to spend the specified amount of coins. These transactions are put into a block, which is then encrypted using an algorithm devised by the bitcoin developers.

Bitcoin Faucets:

It is one of the simplest ways to make money with Bitcoin, which involves completing tasks on behalf of various service providers, who will pay you in bitcoins accordingly. Faucets are a great way to spend some time while earning your first few coins. They give you small amounts of Bitcoins over time, so you can use them to test different services without spending much money. However, they aren’t very profitable in the long run because they limit the number of “tasks” that can be performed in a day or a week. 

Bitcoin Affiliates:

Being an affiliate of a company that’s the best at what it does is the most innovative and most lucrative way to earn money in the long run. However, establishing an affiliate program requires time, capital, and proper marketing knowledge. The exciting part about this method is that there’s a fixed pay rate per sale per customer referred to you, meaning that as long as you continue providing value and cultivating trust with your customers, then this approach can provide some handsome returns over time

Bitcoin Staking:

Bitcoin staking is one of the most reliable and secure ways of earning money with cryptocurrencies. This method, however, only becomes profitable when you have enough coins to eliminate the possibility of a negative outcome. For example, if you are holding $100 worth of Bitcoin in your wallet, then putting that up as collateral for a loan could be quite profitable if you can achieve an interest rate higher than the current value of your holdings.

Lending bitcoin:

P2P lending platforms allow you to borrow money from other users looking for a particular asset or service. There are several platforms, such as loan base and Bit bond, where you can lend your holdings to investors. Once someone lends you money in this manner, you can use that money to either pay off your loans or invest it in other P2P deals. 


If you’re new to cryptocurrency trading, it’s essential to learn that all the above methods are entirely different and will require specific strategies. Depending on your background, experience, personal preferences, and goals, you will need to select the correct method that works best for you. There are many ways how to invest in the Bitcoin lending program. Some investors prefer a long-term cryptocurrency investment strategy, while others are looking for a quick profit.

Author: Joseph Williams