Top 3 Information Resources About Blockchain Technologies

Written by Ryan Green
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Updated On December 5, 2023
Information Resources About Blockchain Technology

The blockchain industry is constantly progressing, and every day some incredible story happens: either McAfee is extradited to the United States, or the DeFi project makes it to the moon and simply breaks BTC indicators. 

All this news needs to be covered by the media, and as expertly and honestly as possible. There are many problems with this, from low-quality content to the need for fact-checking.

Given the fact that the world of crypto is constantly and rapidly changing, there is no doubt that cryptocurrency news and blogs are invaluable sources of information. And only by taking a few and comparing them, you can draw some conclusions. 

In order to stay updated about the volatile market, and invest by making informed decisions, understanding of blockchain-related topics is of prime importance.  

This article provides a selection of the top crypto publications that are detailed in industry-related information, events, analysis, reviews, and research about blockchain technologies. 


This news site provides the latest news on the major digital assets in the market. Everything is standard, but their analytics is very powerful. In CoinDesk, you will find information about the blockchain and other significant information about the market: ICO calendar, market cap, DLT events, etc. 

Due to the complex interface and the lack of mass materials, CoinDesk is gradually losing its popularity and reader activity has been declining for the past six months, but the portal is pivotal for understanding the industry.

You can expand your knowledge of the industry with blog posting opinions from influential figures in the crypto world – a big plus. However, sometimes these opinions are not factual or far from reality. 

In my opinion, the blog can be read for entertainment, but not for an objective picture of the industry.

THINGS TO CONSIDER: The demand for crypto blog writers has increased, with many business publications looking for writers with expertise in financial analysis, technical skills, and awareness of legal regulations in blockchain technology. 


A platform for blockchain and cryptocurrencies, filled with news about the latest developments in the industry. CryptoDiffer news covers such aspects of the life of digital assets as technical analysis, ICO reviews, and a calendar of events.

The site has an extensive collection of educational materials on cryptocurrencies, which allows it to be considered a “training tool” for beginner crypto enthusiasts. 

This trustworthy site was founded in 2017 and has been posting quality content daily ever since and is not going to give up despite its relatively small reach.

The portal was created for those who are interested in watching the deep events in the world of cryptocurrencies. With the portal available in an Android app, you can check the latest events on the go. 

The graph below shows that many industries are eager to invest in blockchain technology and crypto, with its rapidly progressing demand since 2021. It is predicted to rise further till 2030 and therefore publications are also going to grow with it. 

 Blockchain Market Size Growth from 2021-2030.


At ChainBroker you can find everything about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This is one of the first resources dedicated to various projects and news in the world of cryptocurrencies

The team that works on the news portal consists of experienced professionals, which contributes to ChainBroker’s high ratings. Although the site started as a specialized news portal about Bitcoin, Litecoin, and other cryptocurrencies, it now covers many areas.

The ChainBroker website is dedicated to price analysis, reviews, research, and other very useful information. Now the site has all the relevant information and a lot of forecasts for beginners and enthusiasts. 

By studying useful materials on the news portal, you will soon be able to profitably exchange, buy, or sell coins. 

It is noteworthy that a survey indicated approximately 28% of the users do not trust blockchain technology because of its high volatility and threat of scams. In such scenarios, crypto publications work like a trusted mediator that guides investors in making informed decisions even during market low-down. 


Crypto sites are not only about news, technical analysis, and educational articles. For example, platforms like can help distinguish cryptocurrency scams from honest products. 

Unfortunately, not many crypto enthusiasts read such resources, and scam projects, take advantage of this. 

The main advantage of such forums is the ability to get information from live sources and build a basic level of knowledge about blockchain and crypto. 

Misinformation is the biggest threat to many companies and investors who are wary of taking risks. Crypto publications help them to confidently navigate the market while securing their assets and saving judiciously for the future. 

The list of sites mentioned here will help you stay updated with relevant and exciting events in the world of cryptocurrencies. 

To make your life easier, Chainbroker sorts this news, spices it up with analytics, and creates unique content.

Author: Ryan Green