Top 5 DEXs Available for Crypto Trading (2023)

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Published On May 8, 2023

The crypto market has seen enormous development throughout recent years, with Decentralised Exchanges (DEXs) progressively well-known among clients for their unrivalled security and decentralisation. With such high innovations developing in blockchain technology, it is getting more and more attention from investors in positive aspects. No doubt, just like the stock market, the crypto industry also consists of high-risk investments, but this is the place where their talent and skills to understand the demographics, come in highlight. In this piece of writing you will get to know how you can enter the world of DEX with some of the best online platforms. And if you are more interested in Bitcoin, you can try starting with cryptocurrency adoption

Prior to that, you must know the criteria to choose a suitable platform for you and your investments:

  1. Estimate your Goals: Everyone has their own intentions behind investing in crypto. For someone, it’s just an option and side hustle to earn extra income, while on the other hand, some of them desire to pursue it as their career. Similarly, you need to make a decision and evaluate your future goals with the industry. 
  2. Risk Bearer: Learn more about your finances and make a properly evaluated decision on their bases. As crypto is a high-risk industry where you can enjoy exponential gains or dangerous losses, therefore make sure you are capable to bear that risk on your shoulder. 
  3. Easy UX/UI: This business involves your hard-earned money in it. Therefore, choose a platform that you understand well and is smooth in its functioning. UX refer to User Experience and UI stands for User Interface. Slow functioning and glitches can ruin your UX and can also result to payment issues, on the other hand, with a bad UI, you will not be able to understand things and can end up with wrong decisions. 

Keeping these criteria in mind, our team has listed some of the best Decentralized Exchange (DEX) with the highest users:


Among decentralized exchanges, Changelly is considered one of the tops which allow crypto traders to exchange crypto without the need for AML or KYC. Transactions are done instantly without any intervention by any institution. To get started, you just go to the Changelly site and choose the coins you’re considering exchanging as well as provide your wallet address. Changelly DEX handles the rest and is also able to ensure that your coins are available at the address provided.

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Speaking of Uniswap in DEX, it usually runs on the ETH blockchain itself, and it allows you to swap decentralized tokens. Besides, you can swap ERC-20 tokens for your money with it without trusting anyone. As such, it is allowed by the platform to lend its crypto to anyone against outstanding reserves known as the Liquidity Pool. In return for providing funds to these Uniswap pools on the DEX platform, you earn fees. Furthermore, Uniswap is more like an automated liquidity protocol available to be precise, with no centralized authority or order book needed to make trades. This furnishes you with censorship opposition and permits you to exchange without middle people. Uniswap is the only DEX capable of working without an order book, with a different model in which, usually, a liquidity pool is created by a liquidity provider.

Binance DEX

However, most of the existing DEX platforms are using the flexibility of the ETH blockchain to achieve their goals. The development of Binance DEX has been done on the Binance Chain. In the interim, it tends to be seen that it incorporates high throughput, low latency, low expenses, and UX-like unified trades.


Bisq is like any other decentralized crypto exchange. Being a player from the blockchain community, Bisq is able to keep your all personal information secured from the outside world. Investors from around the globe can access this open-source desktop application. As a user, you get to enjoy various features like dealing in a number of cryptocurrencies, easy UX/UI, transparency, and many more. According to the review of one of its users, “I love how they are sharing their codebase and is available in almost all operating systems which would be easy for all users.”


One of our most popular DEXs on this list today is IDEX. As a client, you can deal with your assets through IDEX’s ETH-based smart contract. You can open a wallet on IDEX utilizing four techniques. You can do this from a keystore file, MetaMask, manually entering the private key, or via the Ledger Nano S. As a user, you can simply transfer your funds to the exchange using any of the four wallets. Once on the platform, you can view the status of the various order books along with the trading pairs. The order book can also be updated in real-time, similar to centralized exchanges.

Author: Joseph Williams