What are the Benefits of Repurposing Content? 

Written by Louise Simon
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Updated On August 8, 2023
Repurposing Content

Key Takeaway

  • Content repurposing is beneficial to remove the audience’s boredom from repetitive posts instead reutilizing content by rethinking the content’s format and more.
  • This helps in generating views and interactions into the future, but, in terms of peak interest, it’s got a very short shelf life – like anything published on the internet. 

Ever wondered if repurposing your existing content could benefit you? A lot of marketers are wary of content repurposing since audiences can easily grow fatigued by repetitive posts, but there are plenty of ways to avoid running up against yourself again and again. 

In fact, content repurposing is a key part of any successful social posting strategy, provided it’s managed through the same social media publishing platform you use to arrange new content and social posts. Repackaging the content by delivering key messages, stories, and quotes could bring the most spotlight and grab the audience’s attraction in fresh new ways like repurposing the content.  Keep reading to find out why. 

Content engagement

First of All, What is Content Repurposing? 

In a nutshell, it’s all about reutilizing content in a new way. It’s not the same as simply duplicating content across multiple social channels. Instead, it involves rethinking the content’s format or structure, so it’s not a carbon copy. 

That way, audiences don’t have to get tired of seeing the same thing published across multiple platforms. For instance, if they follow you on Facebook and receive your marketing emails, they won’t read or watch the same content twice. 

It’s a lot better for engagement than duplicating content, but it’s also highly beneficial to your marketing team – particularly if you’re always struggling to find enough hours in the day. 

It Gets You More Bang for Your Buck 

If you create a top-notch piece of content and generate a lot of engagement through it, then that’s good – it’s done its job. It may even continue to generate views and interactions into the future, but, in terms of peak interest, it’s got a very short shelf life – like anything published to the internet. 

If you repurpose the very best pieces of content, you get to see that ‘peak engagement’ multiple times with a relatively low investment of time and resources. It’s like the ultimate 2 for 1 special. 

It’s Ideal for Directing Traffic to Your Site

Let’s say you gave an hour-long speech at an industry summit, and that seminar was recorded and posted to your website. If you repurpose that video for TikTok – or, really, any social channel – then that’ll likely involve trimming the video down to a few salient points totaling no more than, say, 60 seconds.  Yes, impactful, creative content helps in attracting a lot of audience engagement and adds up to a lot of traffic. 

Provided you post that video alongside a direct link to the full video on your site, it’s straightforward to boost click-throughs. Various websites keep strategic moves through internal links and other hashtags to get direct traffic. Why? Because engaged viewers will want to see the whole video. Just don’t forget about those all-imperative CTAs

It Gives You Space to Create More Content

Most content and marketing teams are constantly running up against the clock, struggling to boost creativity with deadlines piling up on their shoulders. Repurposing content means you’ve got more to post in any given week, which means teams have a lot more time to focus on creation without a deadline looming over them. 

Creativity helps the team to get more indulged in bringing the best aspect in content while this can also generate more content if the team manages. Even though traffic and audience engagement is one of the top priorities, this may also result in the best opportunities in social media. 

Delivering impactful stories with the creative team could help to grab the audience’s attention with careful posting. 

Interesting Fact: As per various content strategists and experts, evoking posted content with quotes with joyful and hopeful emotions can bring the audience attraction the most.

It Makes It Easier for You to Keep on Top of a Posting Schedule 

Likewise, one of the biggest issues busy marketers run into is the demand of keeping up with a social posting schedule, despite the fact that they’re well aware of the importance of regular and consistent posting. 

You can augment your content reserves with repurposed articles cut down into tweets, or videos trimmed down to catch scrollers on LinkedIn. You’ll have a lot more to schedule, and fewer issues with filling your content calendar.

Author: Louise Simon