How to Build Relationships and Strengthen Team Spirit with Remote Workers?

Tips to Help You Build Strong Connections with Remote Workers

Covid-19 made us work at home. Later, some workers came back to offices, but some of them kept staying at their dwellings. Also, some employers find remote employees from different countries. As a result, such employers have to build relationships with both remote workers and staffers. To help you do it successfully, we’ve prepared for you some tips on interacting with your remote ones. 

Encourage Your Employees

One of the basic principles you should follow is encouraging your employees as they see that you want to make good relationships with them. Also, if your workers will receive portions of praise, they’ll understand that you’re interested in their emotional condition. 

Of course, it doesn’t mean that you must praise them about and without. And vice versa: you shouldn’t scrimp words when your employee has done something outstanding. 

Help Your Remote Workers

If employees see your support and your readiness to help them, they feel comfortable. This is because they realize that you’re interested in their career progression and regulating the working process. It doesn’t mean that you should explain every detail if employers have to know them due to their profession. It means that sometimes, it’s a good idea to send them an article that will help them understand something better. Or to explain the mistake to avoid it in the future. 

Invest in Meetings in Real Life

One of the best ways to strengthen team spirit is to organize real meetings. You can do it once a year or multiple times. By doing so, you kill two birds with one stone:

  1. Chill out if the place of meeting is a resort, Bali, for example.
  2. Cement relations in your team. 

You can organize meetings wherever you want. For example, some companies go with their teams to resorts. You can also choose to enjoy the sun and drink cocktails. 

Create a Common Chat

Having many remote workers means that they may not know each other. So it’s a good idea to create a common chat where you’ll discuss current questions. In discussions, your team members get to know each other better. 

Texting is cool, but you should consider one more way to build strong relationships with your remote teams. Let’s explore it. 

Think About Video Meetings

One more way to discuss current questions is to use video chats. For example, you and your team members want to order an advertisement from a writing service. To choose a high-quality one, your task is to explore the Internet and learn about writing services. So you can delegate reading the 99papers review to the first member, reading feedback about another service — to the second worker, etc. Some remote employees can learn is my perfect paper legit or similar reviews. Then, after collecting all information, meet with employees in video chat. And let them tell you about their finds. 

Thanks to this procedure, your employees get rid of their fear of speaking. Moreover, you become closer because of seeing each other. 

Some workers live by their work. Yes, our world is full of people who can work 24/7. But sometimes, their body runs out, and they need to distract themselves. And a chat that isn’t related to work is their lifeline.

In it, they can share the good news in their life. For example, they’ve achieved their goal to get up early — they talk about it. They can tell team members what is happening around them and what makes them happier. Yes, at first, it seems like something crazy, but once you invent this idea, relationships in your team become stronger. 

Tell About Company Goals 

If employees just work for your company and don’t know what it wants to achieve at an early date, they lose interest in completing their working tasks. Then, you should tell them what the goals of the company are. You can do it both in a personal chat and in a common working chat. When employees feel that they work for one big goal together, they have a lot of motivation to work in good faith and give their best. 

Ask Them Live Questions

To make relationships with your remote workers warmer, ask them about their life. For example, if they’ve missed a part of their working day due to visiting a doctor, be curious about how it went. By doing so, you’ll show that you’re interested in your employees as in people with souls rather than just performers. 

Final Thoughts

So such tips will help you build warm relationships with your remote employees. If you have staffers, they also get to know remote workers and start to feel them as team members. Don’t be shy to take an interest in how they feel or how they went to the doctor. Such care will be fruitful for all the company.

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