Boosting Business or Breaking Law? The Risky (and Rewarding) World of Online Medical Certificates

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Updated On February 6, 2024

We all have been through a very sensitive stage during the attack of COVID-19, where we got to see some new changes in offices and workplaces. These changes were the –  introduction of digital methods!

As we got to see everything going digital, the medical sector also introduced some changes where you could easily access the medical certificate online

But now, people have started to use this service to their benefit and forget the main focus of online medical certificates. That’s why we will discuss the pros and cons of these certificates to know if they help the business or cause them a great loss.

What are Online Medical Certificates?

Just as the name suggests, these certificates are the online or digital version of the paper medical certificates that you get from a doctor after a thorough checkup. 

Examples of online medical certificate image

The above image shows what an online medical certificate may look like.

You must give your thanks to the technology that gave birth to these services, where you don’t have to visit a doctor in person just to get a certificate. 

These certificates are commonly needed in situations where:

  • You must leave a sick leave note for missing out on office hours.
  • When you are joining a new work or office.
  • When you are flying or traveling.
  • Some stores may need a prescription or a medical certificate to buy medicines.

Are Online Medical Certificates legitimate?

You would be glad to know that these certificates are valid and most of the private and government agencies accept them, just make sure these documents are signed by a registered doctor.

If we are talking about the employers, we are not sure, as some of them may try to double-check it with the doctor if they doubt the originality of the documents.

We are not familiar with the employee rules of every company, so you may confirm with your workplace if they accept it in the case of emergencies.

If you are planning to use these on your way to the airport, then you don’t need to worry, as most airlines accept them.

How can you get an Online Medical Certificate?

You may think that getting an online medical certificate will be very difficult, but in reality, it isn’t. You just need to have a video call with a doctor on the legal sites that are registered with the government. 

After they are done with the checkup, you can ask them for a certificate, but, make sure the doctor sends you the certificate with a secure method, so you don’t get into trouble in the future. 

Note: It may cost you $25 a day or $35 for the multi-day online medical certificate. 

The Rewarding Side of the Online Medical Certificates 

Here is a list of the benefits of the online medical certificates that you can go through:


If you don’t have enough time on your plate to arrange an appointment with a doctor, you can use these services to get a medical certificate and use it for work.

Gives the Access to Special Care

This way could prove to be a lifesaver to you, as they have some experts that are not easily available to people. You can get a chance to talk with these experts and get treatment for your medical issues.

The online checkup can save you a lot of time and be a perfect option for you if you find the travel or transport to be troublesome. 

Cost Effective

When you skip the time on transport and travel, you save money along the way. The online body examination is not as costly as you may think, they have some affordable costs and services that you can enjoy from the comfort of your home.

Offers More Flexibility

Medicine is a basic right of every human, and the online service makes sure you have the right to access the basic needs and get expert advice from the comfort of your home.

Works Best for the People with Chronic Conditions

We have seen many people who couldn’t get the right treatment or advice at the right time and failed to get their health back. 

Technology has made it easier to deal with chronic conditions, so if you are someone with serious conditions and unable to get out, these services can help you get a certificate and recognize the symptoms at an early stage.

Note:  Only the signed certificates by the registered doctors will be approved by the employers and the authorities.

The Risky Side of the Online Medical Certificates 

Now that we have given you a tour through the benefits, why don’t we learn about the downsides that make it the main cause of headaches for many employers out there?

Possibility of Fraud

Online medical certificates are starting to become a headache for employers and the authorities as many fraud sites have started to target the common people. They give you a fake certificate and demand money in exchange.

These fake certificates become a reason for the employees to slack and lie to their employers. 

Security Issue

You would already know about the lurking cybercriminals, so, when you demand a doctor for these digital certificates, those criminals hack your non-protected device and get access to the sensitive information to use it against you.


It can be a huge downside that may risk your health because when you get in touch with a new doctor, he or she may not be able to know your medical history or past conditions that the primary care provider is familiar with.

The doctor may give you the wrong treatment that may worsen your current situation and result in various conditions. 

Potential of Technical Issues and Glitches

You may face glitches or issues while you are having a one-on-one video call with the doctor. So, make sure to check for any possible factors that may affect the checkup.

Limited Examinations and Prescription

The doctors you meet online will only be able to treat you based on the information you give them. There won’t be any physical examination that can be the cause of wrong treatment.

For prescriptions, it’s the same as we talked about in the above part, that the half examination can lead to the half treatment. 

Online Medical Certificates: Are They Boosting Business or Breaking the Law?

Pros and cons of online medical certificate image

If we are talking about whether online medical certificates are helping the business or not, then it would depend on how these are being used. 

To tell you the reality, it was introduced to make life easy and boost business in the health market and is still being used for good causes. So, how you use these matters a lot because if we go on talking about the bad parts, it will never end. Explore the top 5 Medical Practice Management tips here!

Author: Barbara A. Chamblee