The Importance of Keywords in Product Descriptions

Written by Alex Smith
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Updated On November 16, 2023

Do you sell goods on various marketplaces, or have you ever done that? Did you succeed? If you didn’t, the essential thing to implement into your practice is SEO product descriptions.

What is an SEO Product Description?

Let’s start with simple product descriptions first. Product description describes your goods and allows you to engage potential customers, grab their attention, and convince them that only your product meets their needs. It is really important to know when you adapt your product description to search engines.

SEO product descriptions make goods visible to search engines and not only to goods but to your website. These descriptions usually include special phrases — keywords, that people can use when searching for goods. Product descriptions are needed for all e-commerce sites, from home things to industrial products.

What Happens If Your Goods have SEO Product Descriptions?

A website Could Take a Higher Position in Search Engines

If you include relevant keywords in your descriptions, you will improve your page ranking. That will bring you organic traffic, and here is point 2.

You will Get More Clients 

The higher your site in search results, the more clients you will have. Writing a detailed, precise, engaging product description is also important if you want visitors to turn into clients. And that’s the job of professional product description writers with SEO expertise.

You will Leave Competitors Behind You

This point doesn’t need an explanation. Your competitors will give in to both customers and positions due to your quality copywriting.

Enhanced User Experience

You need to remember that SEO product descriptions should be informative, well-written, and clear to your target audience. A positive experience on your website will raise conversions.

5 Crucial Tips to Make High-converting Product Descriptions using SEO

Here is a comprehensive list of recommendations for effective product descriptions:

Write for Your Target Audience, Not for Search Engine Bots

Google supports websites oriented toward users and their experience. What will a customer do when he reads an endless list of keywords while looking for products? Right, Google will pessimize these websites because visitors find them useless. That’s why you should concentrate on your target audience’s needs and write about how your product will solve their problems. 

This point also means you better concentrate on the features and benefits of your product. Write bright, catchy descriptions, stand out from the competition, and use unexpected characteristics of products.

Use the Right Keywords and Post Them in the Right Place in the Text

The first step to finding the right keywords is to do keyword research. More about that read further. And when you have the right keywords, you will ask how to place them so that they work. 

And there are our recommendations:

  • avoid keyword spamming
  • use the primary keyword only once in the URL, in the title, and in the alt image tag, and 1-2 times in the description text.

It helps you rank for these keywords, but Google won’t penalize you.

There is No Ideal Product Description Length

It is easier when you know precisely the number of words that you should write in the product description. But it depends on the product niche and on consumer awareness. Investigating competitors, learning their best practices, and making better ones will be useful.

Strong and Clear call-to-action (CTA)

CTA is a logical extension of your description and completion of the customer journey. Make call-to-action clear, engaging, and tailored to your product (“add to cart”, “order a return call”, or “buy” for immediate decisions).

Unique Descriptions for Various Products

It is important for SEO to avoid duplicate content. Duplicate content can be a problem for page index by search engines. If Google sees different pages with similar descriptions, it doesn’t know what page should be shown in the search engine results. It can drive down visibility for all of your pages.

Why are the Keywords Important for SEO Product Descriptions, and How to Find Them?

The keywords are essential for search engines as a signal of what people are looking for. Will your site rank higher or not depending on chosen keywords and phrases?

How to choose the right keywords? Here are our tips:

  • choose one of the authority tools for searching keywords, such as Ahrefs or SEMrush;
  • write the list of words and phrases that are related to your business;
  • analyze the results (Ahrefs/SEMrush shows the volume of people searchings for these keywords per month, difficulty in promotion of this keyword – the more complex keyword is, the fewer chances to promote your keyword to the TOP, but it depends on current position);
  • Search for more data related to your request (Ahrefs/SEMrush form special lists of “related to”, and “also rank for” keywords, you can get new ideas due to this analysis);
  • analyze the competition and their keywords via named tools (it is useful to find fresh ideas to add to your website).

In this analysis, you will have a strong semantic core. The last thing you should do is choose primary keywords for the page. We recommend using keywords with higher volume and less difficulty. It makes your promotion easier.

To sum up, SEO product descriptions are important to get organic traffic and clients. SEO descriptions shouldn’t be written for crawlers but for people. And we have high-level product description writers to consider for your e-commerce website.

Author: Alex Smith