How Does Sound on Reddit App Work?

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Updated On August 7, 2023

If the community agrees, Reddit lets users upload files using the app. Tap on the “+” icon, choose “Video,” and then choose the video you wish to upload. Reddit’s mobile app doesn’t have any audio by default and so you need to tap on the speaker icon to activate the video’s sound if it has any. If the video doesn’t have sound, you’ll see the error “This video doesn’t have sound.” You can, however, unmute it in a certain way. This guide will teach you how to enable sound on the Reddit app (for Android and iOS) and explain why Reddit displays the message “This video doesn’t have sound.” So let’s examine the Reddit sound issue more closely right away.

Why Does Reddit Say the Video Doesn’t Have Sound?

Normal usage should allow you to unmute the video by simply clicking the speaker icon. However, when they click on this icon, a lot of people receive the error notice stating the video is silent. Understanding this issue is crucial, especially if you intend to purchase Reddit upvotes because they assist you to draw attention to your posts. Two circumstances cause users to experience Reddit sound issues. To begin with, this can actually imply that the video is missing an audio file that can be played. You can see that this is unrelated to the Reddit no sound error. Nevertheless, there are numerous instances where this issue does not indicate that the video lacks an audio file to play.

When are Reddit Users Most Likely to Run into “Reddit Videos No Audio” Circumstance?

Users are likely to have this kind of problem when watching videos in an NSFW community. As the website’s software automatically mutes the videos viewers view here. So why is Reddit acting in this way? Because the video contains explicit material, Reddit takes this action. 

Reddit designates such content in videos as NSFW. The video is thus automatically muted. This does not imply that the audio file for the original video is not playable, though. Users can, however, also view these videos with audio if they like. Here is a step-by-step explanation of how to resolve this issue.

Silent Mode on Reddit

In most cases, when you turn on the sound for one video, it is also turned on for any additional videos you play. In such a case, you must unmute each video you watch if the application’s quiet mode is on. You can use this mode while traveling or in a library.

  • Go to Settings >> advance settings >> silent audio mode on an iOS device to activate the quiet mode.
  • Go to Settings >> AutoPlay >> adjust always to never activate quiet mode on Android mobile devices.

Steps to Get Sound on the Reddit App

You must first enable adult material on Reddit’s desktop version in order to access sound on the app. Download the Apollo app, log in with Reddit, and then find the video you want to listen to after you’ve enabled adult material. To turn on the video’s sound, open the video and tap the speaker icon. The NSFW communities’ videos are muted by the Reddit app. Therefore, you won’t be able to hear anything even if you tap on the speaker icon. Downloading the Apollo app will allow you to get around this. In NSFW communities, you can also enable sound for videos. How to enable sound on the Reddit app is as follows:

  • To get started, go to Reddit on your computer.
    Reddit app
  • Your username and password are required to access your account.
  • Turn on adult content in your account settings now. The steps listed below can be used to visit NSFW communities and turn on video sound:
    Adult Content
  • On the app’s screen, click the menu button.
  • Go to Settings first and click on it.
  • Finally, choose Account Settings. The feed settings are where you’ll discover the adult content option.
  • The adult content option’s white circled sign next to it can be clicked to activate it.
  • If you have adult material enabled on the PC version, take your mobile device with the app loaded immediately.
  • On this device, install the Apollo app. You should get the Sync app from Google Play if you have an android device.
  • Then use your Reddit account to log into this app. Locate the audio-only video you want to watch on the platform, then enlarge it.
  • Finally, to unmute common videos, click the speaker icon as you normally would.

How to Get Sound on the Reddit App on Android

The steps to get sound on the Reddit App on android are listed below. Do have a look.

  • Create a video in the Reddit app for your phone.
  • To make that video larger, click on it.
  • Now locate the mute i
  • con in the lower left.
  • Unmute the video by clicking the symbol.

The sound is now operational. You must open Reddit in a browser or use a third-party app to hear the sound of NSFW GIFs. The settings will be applied to all movies and live streams in the app once the audio has been enabled. You may turn off the auto-playing sound for all videos in the settings if you like.

Get Sound on the iPhone’s Reddit App (iOS Devices)

You must first adhere to the instructions listed for Android. After completing all of those steps, there are still some left to complete.

  • Switch off the quiet mode with the side button.
    Side button
  • Check the settings if you are still having sound problems.
    Audio Settings

Reddit App Audio Fix for iPhone and Android

There are several types of issues with the Reddit Audio. Thus, a solution for iPhone and Android devices is important to learn. Reddit has bugs according to some users. One of the faults that users have often encountered is an audio error. To resolve your audio issue, follow the steps below.

Fix For iPhone

  • The Application cache should be cleared.
  • Reinstall the software.
  • If the first two approaches fail, use Apollo for Reddit applications. This video lacks sound, thus, that problem is solved.

How Does the Apollo App Work?

Actually, a Reddit user, Apollo. The greatest Reddit app for iOS devices, according to several users. The app’s objective is to reduce the platform’s complexity so that iOS users can utilize it more easily. To put it more succinctly, we may characterize it as an excellent iOS social feed app. The software is speedy, has a great look, and is extremely current. Users can navigate Reddit more rapidly as a result. Its potent qualities are the primary reason that makes this possible. You can move from any subreddit to another with the Jump Bar function, which opens the search bar immediately.

Fix For Android Mobile

  • Install the newest version of the application.
  • Purge the program cache.
  • A mobile speaker checks.

The problem still exists, right? Copy the post link, then paste it into the Chrome browser. When we browse Reddit, many of us get this issue. It takes place as a result of the video source clicking the video source link, at which point the video and sound begin to play. Videos from websites with low traffic visibility tend to have the problem. This problem can also be seen while playing Gfycat gifs on Reddit. The Gfycat website URL can be found by clicking on the Reddit thread.

How Does the Sync App Work?

There was Apollo Kotlin for android but unfortunately it is not available for android on Reddit. There is sync for android devices which is one of the best apps for audio resolution. You can access the recently added sidebar at any time while browsing by tapping the Reddit Sync header, which is a quick solution for the majority of issues.

We have outlined the possible causes of the Reddit sound issue in this article. Additionally, we have created a step-by-step manual on how to resolve this issue for the two devices, one for iOS and one for Android, to assist you in resolving this issue. We sincerely hope that you won’t encounter any Reddit sound issues in the future.

Author: Akansha Singhal
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