How to Buy Fish Online in Singapore?

Written by Abby Hill
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Updated On November 16, 2023

Want to buy fish in Singapore? We have all the facts you need to think about. For example, do you know that fish come in an extensive variety of sizes, shapes, and colours? And they can live in both fresh and saltwater! But what is your type of fish shopping for it online or visiting an aquarium?

Here’s a guide on how to buy fish online in Singapore. Online shopping has many benefits such as the convenience of being able to order when you please. But with it comes risks. Just as there is a variety of fish, so are the places to buy them.

Fish Online: What Should I Get?

You can buy fish online by looking at all the different varieties of fish. You’ll notice that most have something similar in common- they are all living creatures and they need fresh water to survive. Here’s a summary of the types of fish you can buy online:

Freshwater Fish Types: There is a huge difference in freshwater fish types. You can buy barbs, gouramis, guppies, koi and so many other kinds. One common point is that they all come in different colours- this is to attract mates. So if you don’t mind the colour most of the time, you’ll be fine.

Saltwater Fish Types: Think of saltwater fish as betta fish or clownfish. They are all colourful with a lot of movement and need saltwater to survive. You may notice that many of the freshwater fish species are aquatic meaning they are in freshwater. This can get confusing because some freshwater fish types can survive in saltwater. Some of the common saltwater fish types include angelfish, parrots, and red-tailed stingrays.

Where Do I Buy Fish Online?

You’ll often find them at aquariums, but you can also buy them online. You can obtain fish online from various online shops. Some have a local store, while others are purely online. For example, you can find fish at Fish Online and Fish Direct. You can also find them at any aquarium and pet shop. Most of them will also sell live fish, so you may want to ask about that too.


You will notice that prices for fish online vary. You can get fish as cheap as $0.25 US/£0.19 British Pounds per fish, or you can pay upwards of $25 US/£18.67 British Pounds per fish. The prices are dependent on the type of fish and the size.

You can buy fish online at affordable prices. If you live in Singapore and would like to keep a fish as a pet, check out Fish Online today. Most of them will have free delivery, so that’s convenient too.


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Ans: A fish is aquatic meaning it can survive both in freshwater and saltwater. This gives you more flexibility as you can keep them outside your home or inside. The most common areas for keeping them are a tank outside or a bowl inside your home.

Author: Abby Hill