Improve Your Business via VoIP Numbers and Get Only Benefits

Written by Ankit
2 mins, 42 secs Read
Published On February 24, 2022

A virtual number (VN) in contrast to a regular number is not tied to a specific location. You can use a cloud number from any device that has Internet access and the necessary software (smartphone, laptop, and tablet). The advantages of IP-telephony compared to traditional telephony are quite obvious: IP-telephony helps to reduce monthly communication operating costs, increases the effectiveness of communications, is easy to use, provides high-quality communication, and adds innovation and modernity to the office.

Predominant Features

Let’s take a closer look at other VoIP numbers benefits.

  • Savings on telephone calls, as tariffs are usually reduced every year.
  • The absence of international tariffs payment for calls.
  • Free telephone calls between the branches of the company: there’s a possibility to combine the divisions into a single telephone network (with free communication between departments).
  • Ability to make calls to remote employees on internal numbers.
  • VoIP technology ensures reliable operation of the service with little time expenditures.
  • Keeping company corporate phone numbers when moving to a new office at no cost.
  • Reducing the cost of expanding and introducing new functionality, the same as administering corporate networks (because you have only one instead of two networks).
  • Ability to handle a large flow of incoming calls. Multi-channel is an important parameter for large companies, taxis, telecom operators, banks, etc.

The connection of a VN also occurs remotely and takes no more than a day. First of all, it’s important to choose an IP-telephony provider and it does not matter in which city it is physically located. It’s easy to make an order via the website and is more profitable to choose a company that already has communication packages.

Additional Possibilities

The communication quality of VoIP numbers is much higher than analog lines, as you get the digital quality of long-distance and international calls. Moreover, in addition to all the above-mentioned moments, the digital solution provides additional selling points:

  • It’s easy to get calls directly from the site. You need to place the Call button on your resource so that customers can contact you in one click. Direct such calls to the sales department or to a separate extension number.
  • Record telephone conversations and connect to the internal line to listen to them. Both options are indispensable for employee training, service quality control, and dispute resolution.
  • Get details on calls, track their number and duration by employees. This function will allow you to evaluate the activity of the sales department (when integrated with CRM and its effectiveness), and at the same time control communication costs.
  • Notify certain groups by speakerphone with the ability to record an appeal and set the time for its playback.
  • Create a mobile office. For those employees who are often on the road or on business trips, you can install SIP phone software on their laptop or other gadgets so that they can connect to the communication from anywhere where the Internet is available (hotel, airport, cafe, etc.).)
  • Automatic routing of incoming calls, depending on the number of the caller.
  • Outgoing call routing selects the best route based on the type of dialed number (local, mobile, long-distance, international) or even a specific number. 
  • Voice mail brings the ability to send recorded messages to subscribers.

VN maintenance is also cheaper in terms of telephone infrastructure because it does not require complex implementation – all you need is an internet connection. It’s not required to pull cables, additional software, or maintenance, because the entire service runs in the provider’s cloud. This significantly reduces the cost of the company’s communications infrastructure.

By the way, the decent IP-telephony providers offer not only numbers for calls, but also SMS and toll-free (800) solutions. The last one creates a positive impression of the company because a call to such a number is free for the caller. Mentioned VNs have a voicemail that keeps the subscriber on the line. The probability that the person will not call a competitor increases, so the VN is usually used by companies that wish to expand their customer base.