Free or Paid PDF Converters: Pros and Cons

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Updated On December 15, 2023

Simple file formats do not look presentable and, are usually not suitable for many business tasks. 

Also, their layouts vary when using different software, so they are not reliable for applications, contracts, and other fillable forms. 

That is why, in business practice, it is common to use PDF as a universal format. 

It makes the files presentable, protected, identical in terms of layout, etc. 

To convert other types of files to PDF and vice versa, special PDF converters are used in the form of web or mobile applications. 

Besides, if you want to choose the best PDF app for personal or work purposes, you will face a dilemma. 

On the Internet, you will find not only paid but also many free apps. 

Is it worth paying money for something that can be done for free? Are the free converters reliable?Read the article to find out the pros and cons. 

PDF converter options vary, and understanding their features is fundamental when deciding between free and paid applications.

A basic PDF converter can convert PDF files to Word, Excel, RTF, HTML, XML, Text, and various image formats. It also supports conversion to PDF from other file formats such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and images.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Free PDF Converters

PDF converters can be free for various reasons:

  • Paid services may provide free plans with reduced functionality as a marketing trick.
  • The platform can receive money from advertising and, therefore, provide its services to users for free.
  • The platform can provide a long PDF free trial, which may be sufficient for irregular work with files, etc.

In any case, you can convert the necessary files within seconds using free services like PDF Flex

And no one will ask you to pay for it. 

However, the option of free converters is more suitable for those who work with PDF documents from time to time.

If you deal with electronic documents often, you will experience inconvenience from certain limitations, for example, the number of conversions per hour, upload limit, etc.

Free PDF Converters

Benefits and Drawbacks of Paid PDF Converters

For long-term solutions, it is better to choose paid services since they provide a lot of added features that are needed when working intensively with PDF documents:

  • No file size limit for conversion;
  • The ability to integrate the application into your company’s digital work environment using API;
  • No annoying advertising;
  • The ability to upload and convert multiple files simultaneously;
  • Possibility of integration with cloud platforms;
  • Built-in OCR, which allows you to convert scanned pages into editable text;
  • Priority technical support if you experience any problems working with an app.

Therefore, if you need a feature-rich converter, choose worthy paid alternatives, such as

They will outperform free converters, which will improve the quality of your work with documents and, therefore, your satisfaction with the job done.

In terms of subscription plans, paid PDF converters offer both regular and premium subscriptions. 

It is also convenient that a subscription can be issued both for short periods, for example, a week or a month, and for long periods, choosing an annual or lifetime subscription

This feature is very important for those who work with electronic documents intensively but for a limited period.

In this case, ordering a weekly or monthly subscription will be extremely cost-saving.

The disadvantage of paid PDF converters is the necessity to pay for comprehensive services, i.e. for all the tools that the app offers. 

And if you only use a few of them, it still won’t affect the price you’ll pay.


When choosing a free vs paid converter, focus on your goals. 

If you rarely need to convert PDF files, there is no point in paying for a monthly subscription. 

If working with electronic documents is part of your daily activity, it is better to choose an advanced premium service. 

It will become your reliable assistant and free you from a lot of hassle. 

You will be able to convert files in the “batch” mode, integrate the converter into your work environment, etc. 

To evaluate the difference between the free PDF converter and the paid version, order the free trial mode of the paid application. 

By assessing the difference in performance between the paid and the free version, you can make the right choice that suits your style of working with electronic documents.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans: It can work as a simple translator. It can easily take the information contained within a PDF file and make it understandable to another program.  

Ans: While most PDF converters are pretty safe to use, online converters are the ones to worry about. 

Ans: PDF means a Portable Document Format. Basically, it is the format used to save files that cannot be modified but still need to be shared or printed.

Author: Steffani Griffith