How to Fax from Email: A Guide on Email to Fax

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Updated On February 1, 2024

Send a Fax via Electronic mail may be needed in different cases. This can be done from a variety of devices including computers, phones, and tablets. There is also a method known as Email to Fax

There are no complexities here, as the process resembles standard emailing. It’s quick and easy to figure out, so it won’t take up too much of your valuable time. If you have a Need to Share it by mail, we recommend that you continue reading this article.

Sending Faxes Through Email

You don’t have to buy a fax machine to perform the necessary actions. You can use online services, which will simplify this task and does not require taking up additional space. 


To Share it by mail you need to do a few things, among them:

Research several providers of such online fax services and analyze their performance. If you have the opportunity to ask your friends about the best services, it will be an advantage and will allow you to choose the best option.

Familiarize yourself with the rates of the selected site and make the payment. Payment varies and can be made monthly, per message, or in other ways. Read all the information carefully to be aware of all the nuances.

Determine what format you want the files to be sent in. Send faxes from Electronic mail Using Gmail can be done in formats such as PDF and TIFF. Note that to read these files you will need special software that you need to download and install.

Go to your email account and in the box where the writing form is, type your message. The principle of action resembles a standard e-mail. The fax number is entered as the recipient with the obligatory addition of the @ symbol. Go to your mail address and in the box where the writing form is, type your message. 

The principle of action resembles a standard e-mail. The digit is entered as the recipient with the obligatory addition of the @ symbol. After that, it is important to specify the domain name of the server.

You can distribute a message to several recipients at the same time. To do this, enter them via coma and then click on the “send” button.

If in theory there are still unclear nuances, in practice everything will turn out to be much easier. So, don’t be afraid to start figuring things out to make sure it doesn’t take a lot of time and effort.

Send and receive Faxes via Email

Above we have already dealt with how easy to send faxes by email. You don’t need to have super knowledge here, as modern features provide practicality and versatility. However, in addition to the sender, there is also the receiver, who must also be aware of important nuances.

You can receive messages on your fax machine. You can set all the necessary parameters regarding the details. For example, you can disable the ability to save faxes to the machine.

It is worth mentioning that the interface of different servers and Email Providers may differ. 

You may need to both transmit and receive a fax. There may be times when you need to reply to a message. If this is the case, you need to familiarize yourself with how to do this and make sure you don’t miss any important points. You can try different ways of sending and use different devices to compare the process. This will allow you to use the most convenient option that meets your needs in the future.

Send a fax from your Mac or Windows computer

Ease of use for any model

Mac makes it easy to transmit faxes, no matter what model of computer you’re using. Often, this process is accomplished with a printer that comes with fax capabilities. To do this, open the document you want to send. 

Click the File button and then Print. Among all the possible printers that appear, select the one you need and the function. Next, the sender needs to enter all the data related to the recipient’s number.

Must have at least Windows 8

Users who want to fax by Email through Windows have that option too. The easiest way to do this process is if you have a computer version of at least Windows 8. Even if you have an older version, you can still share a fax, but it may take longer. The steps are similar to the Mac system. 

The user too needs to click on the “print” button and then select the printer and fax machine. After that, again, start here with all the requested data. If necessary, select a suitable cover page template. If you have filled everything in, click on “Next” and mail it to the recipient.

Did You Know?

Email is as addictive as drugs! According to research conducted by the University of Sheffield, answering emails and getting a feeling of productivity releases a chemical in the brain and can be as addictive as cocaine.

Recipient’s Fax Number

Small businesses and medium enterprises use fax machines, but it can also be used by ordinary users. If you decide to use email, you need to find out all the details. The number consists of several digits. You can find examples freely available on the Internet. This will help you formulate a correct opinion about how it looks right. 

You need to know your fax number to share different messages including files, pictures, and more. It is somewhat like a phone digit in that it identifies a person and their device. Typically, a numeral consists of several things, including country, recipient number, and address. It is easy to send it through electronic mail because the digit can be found, for example, in official documents. If you find this information, be sure to save it, as you may need it in the future. 

Online faxing — advice

There are different fax solutions, so study the information in accordance with your wishes and types of devices. All processes can be carried out quickly and online, which is great. 

Developers who have already gone through the path of service selection and all other points, recommend approaching this issue carefully. Many servers offer a trial period, which can be used for free to understand all the features of the site, including its advantages and disadvantages.

The correct fax number is the key to success.

Before you start sending, make sure you get the correct number from the recipient. This is important if you want your message to arrive at the right address. Double-check all information before sending to prevent sending by mistake. Also, don’t forget to put your files and images in the correct format. Recall that it can be PDF, JPEG as well as TIFF. 

Some providers only work in conjunction with certain software. Clarify this point in advance, and if necessary, take care of the download. Check your mail to see if it has open access to transmit faxes. If it does not, you need to work on the settings and enable the necessary settings. 

Fax documents as an attachment

If you want to reliably and conveniently send information to another user, use faxing documents as an attachment. The advantage of this method is that a person is not tied to time and place. Internet-connected devices can easily transmit different types of messages without much effort. 

You don’t have to splurge on a physical machine and find a separate corner to put it in. You can log on to a verified service at any time and mail to the sender.

If you work in a company or are a developer, you should consider the requirements for faxing. Especially when it comes to documents of any format. Familiarize yourself with all the requirements in advance, as they may differ from the standard requirements in some situations. 

Make sure that your file complies with the instructions of the recipient or another person. No matter how you look at it, such moments are very important and can affect the attitude and status of the company. The recipient can see notifications that they have received certain messages. This is convenient, so it is noted as another advantage.

How to receive a fax from email — what conclusions can be drawn?

Sending a fax is a process that is not that complicated and can vary in steps depending on different factors. If you’re an active Gmail user, you won’t have a hard time understanding all the details. Faxes can also be linked to other emails, which include HIPAA-compliant. 

Outlook and iCloud, as popular email services, can be used to send faxes through specialized software solutions or third-party services. As for Yahoo, practice shows that it too performs its functions qualitatively and is also used for sending faxes.

Sharing large files is also an acceptable idea. If you have chosen the right format, you can be sure that everything will work correctly. It is worth considering that everyone has their own unique digital number. Take care that it is filled in correctly. 

If you have made a report, keep a confirmation that it was made. This is never a waste, especially since it is not difficult for the user to do. So if you decide that you want to become a user and try this method, start trying it out. The best way to understand this simple system is to practice it, so hurry up and start the process. 


Ans: This procedure can be performed from any operating system and device. It is easy to share a message via MAC or Windows.


It all depends on the user knowing the steps required for sending. If he has prepared the recipient’s number in advance, it takes little time. It can be a few seconds or just a few minutes.


You don’t have to buy a machine to send an image or file. For this purpose, it is enough to choose an online service that will take care of the transmission of the necessary information under certain conditions.

Ans: To answer this question, we need to understand what kind of Electronic mail addresses there are. They are divided into corporate and personal. Identify the recipient and design your message accordingly. Take into account that if it is an official and business letter, you need to take care of its correctness, including the right choice of files, a certain style of writing, etc. You can share a message to any address you know.

Author: Reba Pearce
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