Display Cabinets Buying Guide: What You Need to Know

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Updated On February 6, 2024

Creating a clean and beautiful home is everyone’s dream. It is a place of comfort that can be uplifted with the right type of furniture. Designer display cabinets combine both functionality and creative decor, adding more character to a room. 

Buying a good cabinet depends on your choice of wood or glass, shelving size as per the requirement, and the space where it will be kept. Setting a budget for a big or small storage unit is as relevant as finding a sturdy and spacious one. 

It could be an overwhelming task to understand how many things you want to showcase and in what manner. In this article, we will help you make an informed decision about buying the best display cabinet for your home.  

The Purpose of Display Cabinets 

There are many things that you can keep in a display cabinet, including beautiful Mexican design plates to family photographs. It is your space to include or exclude items in a visually appealing way. 

People also use glass cabinets to highlight their family heirlooms or even the medals or trophies won in a game. It is the first step to understanding the weight of things to be kept, as there should be a balance of big and small stuff. 

Based on all these criteria, helps determine the size, space, and shelving you want in a display cabinet. 

Strong and Good-Quality Furniture 

The strength of any furniture is necessary to carry the weight of different things for a long time. The years of wear and tear can only be tolerated by good quality wood, like MDF plywood, teak wood, and solid oak. 

Detailed research of the type of furniture available in your area will prove much more profitable eventually. The type of furniture also keeps the room well-organized and welcoming. The shelving space and the size are also relevant so that all the valuable items fit in properly without looking complex. 

Decorate a display unit according to an interesting theme based on a festival like Halloween, or simply follow color coding like blue and white for showcasing collectibles. 

The Room Interior

The space that you are living in and where you want to keep the storage unit could be wider or smaller. There are different types of cabinets available in the market that have subtle lightweight wood to strong dark wood. Glass goes very well with wood as a contrast to highlight the decor items. 

Some rooms are square, which makes it easier to understand the position of the cabinet. The placement of the furniture should not hinder other seating areas. At the same time, they should be at an appropriate distance from the door. 

You can also keep the cabinet in a corner between two walls to create a different look. Also, the storage unit should blend seamlessly with the rest of the room for a harmonious perspective. 

Shelve Space 

Benefits of Using Glass Shelves

Once you have determined the size and the placement, you can also decide on the number of shelves required. Consider the shelving length and depth for bulky collectibles like a trophy. Not all the spaces need to be of the same size, but in fact, opt for a store that offers adjustable shelving units. 

Some cabinets combine glass and wood doors to keep some items hidden or only available for visitors on request. The things that you keep on top or in front also show style and preferences. A perfect balance of visual display makes a lot of difference and highlights your design skills. 

Display Cabinet Lights 

5 Ways to Light Up Your Display

The best way to create mood and theme is the type of lights you use inside the cabinet. Incorporating tiny LED lights improves energy efficiency in a house. They are perfect for showcasing decor items with a touch of grace. 

You can use directional display lights, motion sensor light strips, puck, or linear lights. Another way of creating an invisible but subtle light is to keep the shine behind a specific display item. For example, a stunning statue looks bigger and better with the correct light highlights. 

Take a look at the graph below, as it indicates that the market for LED lights is expanding every year. Part of the reason is their heavy use in big branded stores and restaurants. 

Global LED Lighting Market

Custom-Build vs Store Bought

There is always a space that seems either forgotten or difficult to decorate as per the theme of the room. This space is ideal for a display cabinet, as long as it fits the length and width. Things become complicated when the type of storage unit you like does not seem to physically fit into a room perfectly. 

This issue could be resolved with a custom-built unit that has enough space for things without hindering the walking area. However, it might not be cost-effective as it requires accurate craftsmanship. 

Store-bought furniture makes it easier for customers who are looking to upgrade or renovate their homes. Nowadays, most shops have their websites with convenient payment options that make shopping a delightful experience. 

Budget for Buying 

The decision to buy a shelving unit is a great idea considering that it also fits your budget. A smaller space may require a multifunctional storage block that is simple and functional. You can also opt for a cabinet that is either more in length to save space in the corners. 

A balance of type of room and requirement increases or decreases the budget. The quality of furniture should never be compromised, as a durable cabinet will last for years. There are many competitive prices available in the market and additional features always make a difference. 

Ask your supplier or store for details of the furniture, and also inform them about its intended use. Sometimes mentioning the specific dimensions of the room helps, as the store owner understands your requirement much more clearly. 

Final Thoughts

The type of things you display in a cabinet showcases your preferences and personality. The length, width, and depth depend on the type of items kept in a unit. From a homey theme to a festival, color coding, or your favorite books, all can be part of a showcase. 

The variety and type of furniture available in the market shouldn’t be overwhelming with the suggestions provided in this article. Shop today for quality home furnishings with us https://www.homemakersfurniture.com.au 

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Author: Steven P. Rumfelt
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