If you have a flair for writing, we provide you our platform to showcase your word-craft!

We at ITYUG, are looking for freelancers, guest Writers / Bloggers, who have profound interest in writing. So, if you’re looking for such a platform that pays you for your freelance writing then, you’ve come to the right place. No matter whether you’re an experienced writer or not, if you hold mastery in writing for different genres, we got your covered.

We’re always interested in looking for passionate writers from a wide range of professional backgrounds to get tied with our content writing services. So, if you have that passion and interest for writing content in a very eccentric, interesting and impactful way that can leave a long lasting impression on our readers mind, then our platform would like to surely welcome you. 

Although, we feel proud to have a team of talented and dedicated professionals, writers, bloggers, and developers who puts all their hard work and creativity level in making ‘ITYUG Website’ a complete package where our readers get to read their desired piece of content on various topics of categories like Email, Internet, Technology, Social Media and etc. 

But, the sole reason why we’re open to freelance writing services is to continuously bring a fresh perspective for our readers that drive them to stay with us for a long time. Hence, to become a writer for our website, here’s what we’re looking for in a writer—

  • A real enthusiasm and passion for writing
  • Knowledge of content creation & SEO guidelines
  • Reliable, Hard-working, Punctual 
  • Dedication for our site
  • Certain writing style that is catchy enough to make readers click on it.
  • Respect deadlines
  • Excellent research skills & 
  • Great with grammar

What we expect from writers?

  • If you decide to join us in meeting our long-term commitment of offering the best and up to date information to all our readers then, we expect the same level of hard work, dedication and commitment from you that our full-time team has.
  • We expect you to write content for our website in your own way of writing style as we certainly have no specific criterion about how an article should be written. Well, because we don’t want our readers to get bored while reading articles of similar style and formats.
  • In order to avoid repetition, we also expect from you to go through the articles in advance that were already published on our ITYUG website. That’s it!

Our Submission Rules!

  • All the articles that you’ll submit to us should be 100% original and unique as plagiarism is strictly prohibited. So, avoid any sort of plagiarism. Similarly, make sure that all the images that you include in your article should be original and in the ‘895 & 537’ dimensions.
  • We don’t expect you to submit articles or posts to us that you have already been published or submitted elsewhere online or that you may be planning to put up to other websites. We simply won’t accept the same. 
  • Though, there’s no limit to the maximum word-length of the article. But, remember that the submitted article must not be below the minimum word-length which we’ve set at 1000 words.
  • We have a certain rule in which our writers include the hyperlink of all the credible as well as official sources in those articles that contain any data or statistics. So, you should also remember to include the same whenever required & necessary. 
  • Then, make sure you add a ‘Meta Description’ of your written article in around 150-180 characters to showcase the summary of your particular article.
  • Lastly, we do not allow any writer to include any individual or brand endorsement / promotion / link in the content because we have a ‘No Promotion’ policy. So, considering that we would not entertain any type of brand promotion in your submitted articles, avoid writing such a piece of content. However, there’s an exception for the same and i.e., we do allow you to add links to your website in your bio in around 2-3 sentences.

Our Publication Procedures!

  • Once you submit your article, we will perform an in-depth analysis of your submitted content in order to verify whether it’s unique, original, well-written, and valuable enough for the needs of our worthy readers. So, we suggest you to completely adhere to our submission guidelines.
  • We have all the rights to make the final decision on the content that you’ve submitted to us. Our team will decide whether your submitted article is a potential fit for our website or not. Basically, whether the same will be able to increase our website value after being posted or not. In the same context, we also reserve the right to do last-minute changes or modification to your submitted article, if required.
  • About the status of whether we’ve approved your submitted article or not and whether we will publish the same on our website or not; we try to provide you the same, as early as we can.
  • Once your article got published on our website then, we’ll be the ones who reserve the sole right to the posted article.

To recapitulate, let’s have a look at our ‘6-Step Process of Freelance Content Writing Service’ from start to finish:

Start your Research
Create your own unique and user-engaging content
Deliver it to us on Deadline
Be open to do editing (occasionally)
Follow up with us for your feedback
Get a decent amount for your published articles 

Kindly note that all the guest posts are only eligible for ‘one-year’ duration which means after one year of the post being published is over, we can remove the post from our website.

So, if you find yourself a perfect fit then, we invite you to apply for our “Write for Us” section; contact us at “infoityug8@gmail.com” and get your articles/blogs published on the ITYUG website that’s growing quickly to become a kind of technical website that one should look upon to!