What Makes Macs Superior to Personal Computers?

why Mac is better than PC

The debate of whether MacBooks are superior to personal computers has been around for quite some time. 

Different people indeed have different preferences. However, if you are thinking about switching to a MacBook and using it for work or studies instead of a personal computer, there are more than enough reasons why you should consider doing so.

User Experience

User experience is one of the first things that we need to focus on when comparing different computers. 

When you look at Windows 7 and Windows 8, Microsoft has not done a good job with the OS, and they had to make multiple adjustments throughout various updates. And the number of these updates is quite ridiculous.

Thankfully, the most recent Windows 10 OS turned out pretty decent, but it still has a long way to go.

Meanwhile, macOS is clean, refined, and not that difficult to use, thanks to its great user interface. 

Hassle-Free Integration

Apple continues to strengthen the bond between MacBooks and other iOS devices. One of the most recent additions is the Sidecar feature that lets you connect an iPad to a Mac and have a second display screen. Sidecar was introduced in the macOS Catalina version. 

The Hands-off feature is another example of Apple letting its users create a mini-ecosystem. You can type an email or a document on your iPad or iPhone and finish the work on the MacBook without bothering with account syncing. 

The future is also looking pretty bright. There were some rumors that we will see even more device integration in the next generation of MacBooks.


Security is one of the few things that most computer enthusiasts are aware of when comparing macOS and Windows.

MacBooks are not as prone to potential malware attacks. This is because of two reasons:

  • The operating system developers react to the most recent threats and release hotfixes. Installing OS updates keeps the computer safe.
  • Since Macs are not as popular, malware developers are less likely to create a virus to target MacBook users. 

Of course, leaving things to chance should not be an option. Getting a reliable anti-malware tool that you can leave running in the MacBook’s background is still a good piece of advice. Failing to use antivirus software will lead to random crashes and freezes. The internet may slow down as well.

Simplicity to Choose and Use

If you were to spend time researching different personal computers, you would realize just how many choices there are. Besides, building a custom PC would mean looking for parts separately most of the time. The odds are that one supplier will have certain hardware out of stock. 

On the other hand, MacBook fans do not have to worry about frustration. Apple computers come from a single manufacturer with integrated hardware. You pay for an assembled product.

As for using a Mac, there are some differences between it and Windows. For instance, you will need some time to memorize keyboard shortcuts to improve the overall efficiency while using the MacBook.

Taking care of storage is also a bit different than just using uninstallers. If your Mac disk is full, you can simply drag unwanted files in the Trash Bin and empty it. 

Integrated Software

Built-in software is also one of the things that make MacBooks a better option overall. Photos, iMovie, FaceTime, Maps, Time Machine, and GarageBand, are just a few examples of integrated software that are part of the macOS package.

Besides, you will find a plethora of excellent apps on the official Apple Store. Apple approves each application itself so that users can rest easy knowing their personal data is not exposed.

Build Quality

From a quick glance, MacBooks may not seem that durable. If anything, their designs might make you think that an insignificant bump in a corner could damage the laptop. However, the reality is quite different since Macs are sturdy.

Screen Superiority

You will need to look at a computer’s screen for a long time. And the better the quality, the more you can enjoy it, particularly if you work as an artist who relies on colors. For example, a graphic designer.

The idea of a Retina screen is not necessarily popular, but Apple has done a great job manufacturing their screens. True Tone, together with a high DPI display, makes MacBook screens superior.

Customer Support and Satisfaction 

There is a good reason why you will see Mac owners praising their computers online. Satisfied customers market MacBooks by leaving positive reviews. 

You are unlikely to encounter significant-tech issues. And even if you do, you can take the MacBook to a nearby Genius Bar and have the staff look at it. More often than not, you can expect to get the computer fixed on the same day.

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