9 Tips to Make Remote Work More Efficient

Written by Alex Jones
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Updated On March 8, 2022

Remote work is here to stay. Experts believe that even after the pandemic is over, remote work will still be around. 

But it is definitely not easy to get started with remote work if you’ve always worked out of an office. So here are 9 tips to make your remote work life easier and more efficient – 

1. Create and Manage Your Schedule 

If your company does not have a project management tool, consider using one for you and your team. A simple tool like Trello or Asana can help you get the job done. Even templates on Notion are a good way to stay accountable. 

Once you have your tasks and the deadlines laid out neatly, it becomes that much easier to manage those tasks. 

2. Learn These Cool Word Hacks

When a large part of your work involves writing, you’re bound to use Microsoft Word to get the job done. You can make tasks much faster by learning these shortcuts: 

  • Select the whole document – Command + A or Ctrl + A
  • Copy text – Command + C or Ctrl + C
  • Paste text – Command + V or Ctrl + V
  • Cut text – Command + X or Ctrl + X
  • Generate random text – lorem()

Here’s another cool tip to get the most out of Word. If you regularly have to scour reports in PDF to supplement your writing, you can easily learn how to copy and paste a pdf into word using in-built features on a Mac that allows you to just add the text of the PDF. 

3. Automate Repetitive Tasks

Start using automation to create workflows to cut down on the time you spend doing repetitive tasks. You can use a platform like Zapier to connect 2 or more apps and automate tasks. For instance, every time a lead submits a form, you can send them an automated response using data collected from the form. Or, you can push this data into your marketing CRM and trigger a campaign. 

4. Take Breaks Regularly

According to research, remote workers end up working more than employees that work out of an office. While this may be great for productivity initially, this can eventually cause you to experience burnout. Even if you love what you do, burnout can happen if you do not take breaks and take time to rejuvenate yourself. 

5. Troubleshoot Your Internet Issues

High-speed internet has become mandatory since remote work has become the norm. If you have a particularly slow internet or experience issues with limited connectivity, here are some possible fixes: 

  • Check that the Wi-Fi is on
  • Make sure you haven’t exhausted your monthly data limit
  • Check if your Wi-Fi signal is strong
  • Reset your router
  • Restart your computer
  • Talk to your ISP to see if you need to upgrade your plan

6. Have a Designated Workplace

Working from a bed can cause a host of chronic issues. You do not want to make this mistake and develop bad posture or chronic pain. If a writing desk and ergonomic chair are not in the cards, try making do with a makeshift table and a regular chair. But try to keep work out of the bedroom. The blurred lines between professional and personal can make it difficult for you to switch your brain off and rest. 

7. Participate in Virtual Hangouts

If working from home is a whole new concept to you, missing the impromptu conversations at work is normal. Most companies have taken to hanging out virtually even creating their own version of happy hour to keep employees engaged and motivated. If you are a freelancer, then consider signing up for online communities that host meetups. 

8. Set the Right Priorities

With a heavy workload and no structured workday, it can be quite easy to feel overwhelmed. It is important to set the right priorities. Create a list for all tasks that are important and have to be done right away, another list for important tasks that can be automated or delegated. The other lists you can make for tasks that are unimportant and not urgent and finally unimportant tasks that can be delegated.  

9. Avoid Distractions to Boost Productivity

Working at home has its own set of challenges. You may live next door to noisy neighbors or in an apartment that is right next to a construction site. Not to mention having to share a space constantly with other people in the house. These distractions have to be drowned out for you to be productive. Apart from a designated workplace, also consider soundproofing the room and have a white noise generator. 

To Conclude

Invest in the right software and tools to help you create a productive environment that allows you to enjoy the pros of remote work – flexibility, less or no commute, higher autonomy, and more transparency.

Author: Alex Jones
Alex has gained experience of being an entrepreneur and real estate investor. He helps various business owners to expand their business and guide them to achieve the success they desire. He also writes to help all the aspiring entrepreneur belonging to any industry ranging from real estate, health sector to Information and technology.