Tips and Tricks on How to Make an Essay Longer

Written by Zayn Tindall
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Updated On December 22, 2023

While studying, students have to write essays, term papers, and reports, and all this has its own strict volumes. How to enlarge the text so that there is enough material? Here are some simple life hacks for students on this topic.

Make Sure You Have Collected All the Information. 

Usually, the required length of an essay will meet the required information. This means that if you cover the topic well, you will reach the required number of pages. If you are missing some words, review your essay first. Make sure you have all the required items and that they are fully disclosed. Check if each of your statements is supported by arguments. Also, you can include more examples to expand the text. Sometimes an introduction or conclusion turns out to be too short – make it longer. 

In conclusion, do not forget to place as much evidence and conclusions as possible, summarize each example, and make the text complete. If it sounds difficult for you, you can ask for help from essay writers. They will write you an essay sample with a perfect conclusion and other necessary parts that will meet your needs. Moreover, they will stick to the word limit you set. 

Add More Details.

Keep in mind that an essay is not necessarily a work in which you should express only your opinion. It’s even better if you back up your ideas with credible links. You can describe information from the sources and make an analysis of the authors’ points of view.

This approach will make an essay more scientific as well as bring more words. Quotations in the text can also increase the length of the paper. Thus, if you don’t have enough text, ensure you use enough links in the essay.

Use Quotes. 

Remember that quotes also count toward the word count. Therefore, when it comes to an author’s article, you can use a quote. This will show the opinion of experienced experts on the topic, and you can also analyze it and state your point of view. At the same time, do not forget to place in the text only relevant quotes that are directly related to the topic of discussion.

Give Detailed Examples.

It is important to back up your arguments with examples. In them, you can only state a situation or a specific fact and analyze it briefly. However, if you are short on words in an essay, you can make the description longer. Give details of the real situation and why people behaved in particular ways. 

Also, you can add more vivid examples from the literature and give your opinion on them. Vivid illustrative examples will bring your paper to life, and an explanation of them will add to its overall points.

Use Transition Words. 

One of the effective ways to increase the number of words in an essay is to use transition words. This is a technique to make the work more professional. When you begin writing a paragraph, use words like “first,” “first of all,” “however,” etc. 

At the end of your paragraphs, use special words that end them. For example, you can write “to summarize” or “to conclude.” It is also important to link sentences within your text. You can add result statements such as “because,” “this means, “that’s why,” etc. In this way, you will make an essay longer and look better.

Write Longer Sentences.

In any language, they can transform one word into several. You can make an essay longer by including synonyms. To do this, look them up in language dictionaries. Use complete synonyms such as “may” and “be able,” or paraphrase entire sentences. 

Avoid Abbreviations. 

Abbreviations are not desirable in academic language. However, you can use them in your essay if you indicate them at the beginning. However, if you don’t have enough words to stick to the word limit, you should avoid abbreviations throughout the text. Write each concept in its entirety – in this way, you will have much more general text.

Write All Numbers in Letters. 

Various styles have different rules for formatting numbers. In one style, you have to write each number in words; in others, you only have to write it for a few numbers. In general, you can write them in cursive or in numbers. It all depends on your desire. In case you need to make a paper longer, you should keep this possibility in mind. 

Format Text Smartly.

In some cases, your teacher may not give you directions on the number of words, only on the number of pages of text. If this is your case, you can use a few simple tricks. First, increase the spacing between lines or letters, but ensure it’s allowed in your instructions. Also, you can increase the font size as well as add more spacing on pages. 

Ask Someone to Find What’s Missing in Your Paper.

If you’re stuck on how to make an essay longer, ask someone else to help you. Your friend or classmate can correct your paper and tell you what is missing. This is the case when “one head is good, but two is better.” You can really miss some moments, and the other person will immediately notice them. As a result, your work will be the desired volume.

Author: Zayn Tindall