How to Recover Photos from SD Cards?

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Updated On August 2, 2021

Pictures can say a thousand words, an inspirational story that gives mesmerizing feelings to the one who sees it and understands it. Back then, a majority of people used to store their photos on SD cards. Not only was the way of storing photos limited to SD cards but also, they intended to preserve it. See those in the future.

Considering such circumstances, it is a very unfortunate and horrible feeling when one loses all of the pictures that were kept as memories. Not to mention, data loss or multimedia file loss is one of the common phenomena that people had gone through earlier but things have changed in a better way. It has become convenient and easier to restore photos that were kept in the SD cards. How do they recover those? Well, thanks to the third-party applications that allow users not only to restore images but also files if they require.

Which Data Recovery Software Should You Choose? 

It is worth mentioning that since the inception of data recovery technology, stakeholders and engineers have turned their heads to this potential market; hence, several data recovery software has been introduced to date. Although it is very fascinating as you have so many options, you also stress when it comes to choosing the best third-party application to restore your data.

Now that the topic has come to the point. Which data recovery software do you want to purchase? To be honest, after reviewing several applications, it has been found professional SD data recovery software by iBoysoft is one of the most renowned applications that allows users to restore files of different formats. 

Restore Photos from SD Cards with iBoysoft Data Recovery

Now that you have determined to restore all the lost photos of your SD cards, at first, you need to download iBoysoft data recovery software. While downloading the software, it is important to download the right version because for Windows you need to download the Windows version and for Mac download the iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac

  • Once you have downloaded, install the application accordingly.
  • Launch the application.
  • After clicking the Scan button, iBoysoft Data Recovery will start searching for all deleted or lost photos.
  • You are allowed to preview the scanning results, choose the photos you want to get back, and then click the “Recover” button.
  • After that, have a check to ensure you have recovered all lost pictures. If you don’t get the required images, click on the Back button and then check Deep scan to restart the scanning process and start checking for more files.

Note that using the free trial version of iBoysoft data recovery software, you will be able to store a limited number of photos which size equivalent to up to 1GB.

Restore photos from SD cards without software

How to recover lost data from a corrupted SD card?

There are so many ways that cause data loss on your SD card, like, SD card is corrupted, becomes inaccessible, or even is formatted by yourself mistakenly. In the words scenario, the memory card cannot be found on your computer upon insertion. In these cases, you don’t have any access to the files on this SD card but run into SD card data recovery software on search engines. Of the many choices that you will have, you need to choose the right application at right time. 


Gone are those days when it was really difficult and quite impossible to restore photos from SD. However, using iBoysoft Data Recovery, you can easily restore your photos from your SD cards without any hassle. Although you can recover lost photos from your SD card, without software it may not be as effective as you will find in the data recovery software.

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