5 Iconic Collections from Omega to Check Out

Iconic watches from Omega

Luxury watches are loved by everyone. Although the coaxial escapement is a significant breakthrough, one “trend” Omega has continued is today’s relentless manufacturing of special releases. Although we can’t track down all of the LEs since they’re always gone within minutes of being released, it is encouraged to pursue such curiosity and interest about them if you do have some.

In terms of the essential Omega range, we’ve put together a simple list of collections and a few of its models to allow you to become acquainted with the Omega environment and direct you to unique timepieces that exemplify the store’s greatest offers. In the interest of consistency and concision, not all models are given emphasis and moment to be included, but this guideline can act as a useful beginning point.

1. Speedmasters

Originally built for motorsports and dubbed “the Porsche 911 of watches,” the Speedmaster became known as “The Moonwatch” when Buzz Aldrin walked onto the surface of the moon in 1969 while carrying his reliable Omega classic watch reference ST105.012. Speedmasters today come in a variety of sizes and types, ranging from traditionally authentic depictions to gold-plated diamond-encrusted shiners to ultra-light carbon technological marvels. All that is included in the collection are truly adorned by many who love to explore the earth and everything outside it.

Speedmaster FOIS

While also known as a Moonwatch, this smaller, retro-styled Speedy with a diameter of 39.7 mm is simply dubbed ‘The First Omega in Space’ (FOIS) and is based on the prototype carried by Wally Schirra on his 1962 Earth orbit flight within Sigma 7. It has a stainless steel case and a brown leather bracelet, and it is powered by the Caliber 1861 movement.

Moonwatch “Dark Side of the Moon”

The contemporary design, carbon case, larger scale, and highly engineered coaxial movement enable this Speedmaster unmistakably contemporary. The Speedmaster Moonwatch “Dark Side of the Moon” has a 44.25 mm black ceramic case and a coated nylon cloth bracelet. It is also operated by the ref. 9300 co-axial automatic chronograph movement.

Speedmaster Skywalker X-33

The Skywalker X-33 is a new update of the X-33, which was launched in 1998. It was planned with astronauts, and space explorers in mind. It has a quartz-powered ana-Digi board with various time zones, a chronograph, three alarms, countdown functions, and many more. It does not resemble a typical Speedmaster, but it is a logical progression of the early Space Age model.

2. Seamaster

This is a perplexing brand collection since Omega sold what were waterproof dress watches under this catchphrase for years. At the very same time, the brand’s most rugged, high-tech dive watches have been added to the Seamaster list. The ambiguity is still present in the lineup today, but the waterproofness has been greatly increased across the board. 

Aqua Terra 150M Co-Axial

The Aqua Terra collection addresses the foregoing inconsistency between a sports watch and a dress watch that is intrinsic in traditional Seamasters, but this dichotomy is also the contemporary Aqua Terra’s power. Sporty and rugged, yes, but sophisticated, competent, and sufficient enough to go with a business suit regularly. This may be your only chance to keep an eye on things.

Diver 300M Co-Axial

When Pierce Brosnan’s set designer agreed that James Bond must carry what the British Royal Navy was wearing in the 1990s, 007 was seen ditching his Rolex Sub for a quartz Seamaster 300. The 300M has retained its appearance and features over a few decades of gradual development, giving it one of Omega’s most stable versions. The threaded helium escape valve at 10 o’clock adds a peculiar asymmetry to the watch, while the wave dial begs to be magnified. There are several variations to select from, but people especially like the liquidy silver and blue, which is often available in precious metals as a chronograph.

3. Constellations

Currently, the plurality of Omega’s dressier watches is housed here, most with a retro nod to versions from the 1940s and 1950s, such as the “pie-pan,” which featured an oddly ruffled dial edge back in the day. Ladies’ diamond-encrusted versions can also be found in the Constellations. 

Constellation Globemaster Annual Calendar

An annual calendar is among the most useful complexities for a mechanical watch since it makes up for months with a different number of days, changes itself gradually, and only needs to be adjusted yearly. Each facet of the prominent pie pan dial on the Globemaster is assigned a month of the year, as shown by an extra, blued hand. The 18k Sedna gold edition with the sun-brushed blue dial is stunning and suitable for special events.

4. DeVille

The DeVille was unveiled in 1960 and was originally part of the Seamaster line before splitting off into its category in 1967. It is also the most widely used collection as a testing ground for Omega’s sequence of inventions. Throughout those times, the name DeVille appeared on the dials of several vintage Omegas, implying a distinctly American spirit. After all, the brand’s biggest clientele was in the United States at the time.  Today’s DeVilles are by far the most opulent and complex Omegas around, with many models crossing over from the dress watch category into Haute Horlogerie. This range can boost your confidence if you’re into retro-style of dress and exorbitant prices.

DeVille Tresor Co-Axial

The Tresor sub-line features slimmer cases, diamonds, and precious metals, and is ideally suited to suit and tie and long dresses. If you’re searching for anything to dress while chugging caviar and Dom Perignon on New Year’s Eve, this is worth considering. Omega’s 150th anniversary is commemorated by this cheerful cherry red edition.

5. Specialties

The Specialities section features limited editions, one-of-a-kinds, and special works from all of the collections including this Olympic Pocket Watch 1932 for about $109,000. If you’re looking for something unique and spectacular that just doesn’t appear in a standard manufacturing model and can only be seen in a limited number, this is a fine place to begin.

In A Nutshell

The company’s product line includes stupendously stylish dress accessories, industry-leading chronographs, durable daily beaters, and high-quality dive styles, with prices varying from extremely affordable to high-end expensive. To get your own Omega timepiece, check out WatchShopping’s catalog.

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