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An Antivirus is a software program which is designed to prevent, detect, and remove software viruses or other malicious software like worms, malware, Trojans, etc. This is a very critical tool and it is important for you to install and continuously update your antivirus because without an up-to-date antivirus, your computer is very vulnerable to harmful programs that try to attack computers that are connected to the internet. The attack is constant, and antivirus companies need to update their software constantly to deal with these.

A computer virus is basically a program that, if executed, replicates by inserting copies of itself into other important computer programs and data files, and may end up corrupting the original files making them inaccessible. This results in theft or loss of crucial data. Using a powerful antivirus like AVG antivirus will successfully prevent your devices from getting “infected”.

Antivirus software will work in the background continuously while you use your device. It will scan any file which you download from the internet or any external device that you connect for viruses. It will not allow you to access these files if any harmful programs are detected. Also while browsing, antivirus will scan the web pages that you open and block any harmful file or cookie from downloading itself.

AVG antivirus is one such prominent software available in the market and it has some basic functions such as:
  • Scanning specific files or directories for any harmful malware.
  • Allowing you to schedule scans that will automatically run according to your needs.
  • Allowing you to scan a specific file on your computer you are suspicious of.
  • Allowing you to scan any external drive independently that you may be suspicious of.
  • Remove any malicious code that the software detects.
  • Showing your computer’s ‘health’.
  • Always make sure that you have the best, updated software installed to protect your computers and phones to avoid losing important data.

    But sometimes you may face some issues with your AVG antivirus software like a problem in installing/uninstalling, updating and upgrading. With our support services, you can seek help with

  • Installation of AVG antivirus.
  • Un-installation of AVG antivirus.
  • Up-gradation to latest AVG antivirus software versions.
  • Scanning for viruses and other harmful malware, etc.
  • Removing the found threats.
  • Help with AVG antivirus software errors.
  • Configuring computer settings.
  • Help against internet threats.
  • These types of issues we fix and known for that. Our technician always tries to provide the best instant online help so don't waste a single minute and call us on our toll free number.


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