What is Vlone and This Brand Started?

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Updated On June 11, 2021

In back 2013, Vlone came into existence when different singers, musicians, and artists come together and put their creative ideas to formulate trendy t-shirts and launched their brand with the name of Vlone. In no time, this brand gained so much hype, and everyone loves to wear their stuff. They created the hype of their brand by wearing it themselves. 

Creation of Vlone:

ASAP MOB, a known pop-up brand is behind the launch of this amazing Vlone brand. ASAP MOB tried their luck by launching many brands but only Vlone gained considerable hype. Jabari Shelton owner of ASAP MOB is the founder of this amazing clothing line. Jabari Shelton during his interview demonstrated that the core reason behind the success of their brand is that they treat their workers easily. They let everyone worker do his part properly no one interferes in the matter of one another. He revealed that Vlone is all about teamwork and everyone contributes honesty. Along with Edison Chen’s Jabari Shelton expanded his business. In 2014, ASAP Rocky played his part in increasing brand recognition.

Meaning of Vlone:

Vlone is not like an ordinary brand, it has gained success after the extreme handwork and determination of experts working in the team of Vlone. Every team member is fulfilling his duties honestly and with full dignity. Vlone clothing is breaking stereotypes and discrimination factors and positively promotes culture and religion.  It is not just a clothing brand it’s a lifestyle. It reflects the style of hemlock streets from where Bari belongs to.  He tried his best to formulate something innovative by considering his roots. Although the member of this clothing chain belongs from different regions, that helps in developing the diversity in the designs of clothes. You can witness the variety of cultures and religions in their brand. 

What Is Vlone Clothing?

Rocky and ASAP Bari’s clothing line includes headwear, t-shirts, and sweats shirts and are considered as brands signature face. During an interview, Bari says, “I’m not streetwear. I’m not high fashion. I’m hood fashion. This highlights the creativity and new innovative ideas that this brand features. In 2014, Vlone gained the attention of the public as ASAP rocky release a music video. During Paris fashion week, Vlone clothing introduced streetwear clothing in a pop-up shop. On which, the brand enjoyed a greater number of positive reviews and responses. In Los Angeles, they had another pop-up that aimed at attracting other skateboarders.

Vlone Collaborations:

The biggest reason behind the significant success of this brand is a collaboration with OFF white and Nike. The OFF white x Vlone collection gathers the attention of the public due to the signature orange and black combination.

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