How to Manage a Pay Per Click Marketing Campaign?


More than 50% of small businesses use Pay Per Click Marketing to advertise their products or services. But managing a Pay Per Click Marketing is nothing short of a challenge. Pay Per Click Marketing needs some intricate details about the platform to create an effective campaign. 

So, it is best to leave the management of the Pay Per Click  Marketing to the professionals. However, you can optimize your own campaign by following this guide. 

Let’s begin. 

Get the Keywords

Before doing anything else on a campaign, you need to determine the keywords for your business to target. Keywords are the essential terms users type in the search box to search for things. And before the start of the campaign, you must gather all the keywords related to your business and what people are searching for online. 

And when you create a campaign using those keywords, the targeting of the users becomes very easy. In simple words, the users will be able to find your ads pretty quickly. 

For that, you need to research a bit about the keywords using some of the tools provided by the top companies like Google and Facebook. Research for longtail keywords on Google Keyword Planner, a tool that will give insights on the user’s search pattern. The next practice that can render fruitful results is promoting your keyword-related posts on best free press release sites.

For example, if you are selling shoes, then you should not target the term ‘shoes’ because it won’t get you the qualified users. You should use longtail keywords that are specific to your business needs like ‘shoes for sale in {your location}’. There will be a small number of users who will be searching for these keywords but they are more likely to become a paying customer. 

Landing Page Creation

For a Pay Per Click Marketing to be successful, you need to create a landing page that is directly providing the services/product a user is looking for. And using the homepage link won’t give them what they were looking for in the first place. 

For creating a successful campaign, you need to create a new landing page with the keyword in mind. And this landing page should be giving them enough information on the keywords they’ve searched. So, when you give information to the users, give them reliable and smart answers to trust your business or brand. Once you build a trust factor with the audience, they can easily become your customers. 

Writing the Ads

Once, you’ve locked in the keywords and landing pages, the only thing that remains is to create an ad. And the ad must include a headline and call to action. The keyword will be embedded in the headline. And it will give some info about the company or product or something else. 

You will get the attention of the customers when the search engine bolds the keywords in the headline. When you’ve locked in the customers to your ad, give them a call to action to convert into a sale. However, this part should be left to professionals because we may not know how much to bid on and when to run ads. 

Tracking the Results

The value of PPC is pretty high in the marketing industry because it’s a trackable form of marketing. You get the exact data of how many users you’ve reached or how many of them have clicked on it. 

And this valuable information can help businesses refine their strategy even more to run an efficient campaign. Some important things like impressions, CTR, and bounce rate will allow you to refine the strategy even more. Follow these steps to manage a successful Pay Per Click Marketing for your brand. However, take the help of professionals to better your PPC campaign.

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