How to Earn Money Online: Tips for Students

Written by Abby Hill
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Updated On March 8, 2022

The way of free income, the so-called Freelance, is quite popular. The word itself means – “free profession” or “free artist”, in general, it is a kind of independent source of income. But independent and easy it seems only from the point of view of people who have not experienced it for themselves. Yes, there are pros, but there are also cons.

Where Can You Make Money?

You can make money on any subject. But it’s worth remembering that in what place there is a free cheese, almost everyone knows. Therefore, you should not pay attention to the Internet resources, such as earnings on clicks, mailings, “hiking” on the advertising links, for which they allegedly pay money and you’re not doing anything special. Maybe they pay, but too little without experience and prospects. 

The laws of the modern world say that only those who “bring” new ideas or engage in serious activities, or those who were at the origins of some undertaking, or who earn their wits, earn well.

If your abilities allow you to present and write down your thoughts competently and interestingly, then freelance, as a starting point, is very suitable. Not only will it give you money, experience, and some independence. But you will also be “in the know” about innovations and the demands of the labor market, of course, in the field that interests you.

So, what do the Freelance marketplaces offer?

  1. Writing Articles on Various Topics. This is a rewriting (paraphrasing, replacement of words with synonyms of already ready text), copywriting (a statement of their thoughts on a given topic), and SEO-copywriting (optimized article under keywords for search engines). Literacy, the ability to “play with words”, strict compliance with the customer’s requirements, and high uniqueness are important here. The more experience you have, the higher the cost of orders;
  2. Writing Term Papers, examinations, and dissertations, scientific articles, papers on programming, etc. In short, work as an essay writer;
  3. Content Manager. The person who fills the site content. Must be good at “surfing”;
  4. Programming of Any Complexity. Here we should stop a little bit. IT technology at the moment is quite in demand and, accordingly, the work in this area pays well. It all depends on the level of knowledge, there is something to think about;
  5. Site Owners are Offered to Make Money on Advertising. That is the placement of short articles on your resource with links to customer sites. 
  6. The Design of Websites, Pages, Books, Magazines, etc. If you have the ability in this matter, your level of income will not be bad;
  7. Translator;

The list is partial, there are many other proposals. The choice is yours.

What is Good About Freelancing?

First of all, of course, the fact that need to spend time on a trip to the office is eliminated, you do not need to get up early. And if you do, you don’t have to. There is no need to listen to different, completely unnecessary and unrelated to the work, things from the boss. 

  • Free work schedule. This way of earning is especially good for students. Undoubtedly, for “doing nothing” the money does not pay. Therefore, you need not be lazy here, especially at first. Consider the undeniable positive aspects of “free-floating”.
  • Responsibility. For yourself, your actions, words, and promises. This point can be classified as a minus, as well as a plus. No one was easy at the beginning of the journey. The sooner a person begins to rely only on himself, the sooner he will become a self-sufficient person;
  • Some kind of freedom from the help of parents;
  • Experience not only in earning money but also in dealing with customers and other people. Perhaps, at some point along the way, you will find exactly the area of employment that is “to your liking.” And the work you love brings not only positive emotions but also a high level of prosperity;
  • Improving your skills;
  • Confidence in yourself and your abilities;
  • Wisdom is gained only through experience.


  • Establishing a regimen or allocating a certain amount of time to work. Often a person becomes relaxed and the desire to work at all goes away;
  • Daily work. The labor of searching for customers, negotiating and, of course, the work performed itself must be at a decent level;
  • The need to earn a rating. Rating, in principle, affects everything. First and foremost, on the cost of the order. And then what kind of customer will give a “tasty” and interesting order to a person who has a low rating and a low level of literacy.

Author: Abby Hill
It's actually quite interesting to be working in every niche. You get to know so much about literally everything. And not just writing, storytelling is also something I find incredibly amazing and enchanting. I can legit start anywhere and anytime, all I need is some concentrated listeners haha!