Ways to Design the Eyelash Boxes – The Important Facts

How to Design Eyelash Boxes

The year 2021 has been named the year of makeup and beauty and it’s needless to say that false eyelashes have become an essential part of every makeup look. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that false eyelashes have the capacity to create a striking makeup look. When it comes down to makeup, everyone has the countenance and the image depends on it. 

It’s pretty evident that one cannot ignore the eyes and what they have applied to the eyes because they have become pivotal to beauty and is the focal point for everyone’s face. That being said, everyone wants to get the most perfect eye makeup. Similarly, false eyelashes have become an apt way of doing so. 

This is because false eyelashes can improve the minor details of the eyes and beautify them. At this point, it’s important to outline that the false eyelash industry has become extremely advanced with the improvement in tech standards. The information was shared after analyzing the top brands with false eyelashes, such as MAC, Lilly lashes, Huda Beauty, Revlon, Sephora, Kiss, and NYX cosmetics. 

According to the report, false eyelashes have become more popular in Africa, South America, Middle East, and Europe. In addition, the reports were created after considering the sales in drugstores, online makeup stress, and supermarkets. Currently, the market growth of false lashes tends to face the obstacles of classic marketing. 

Given the higher augmentation of false lashes, the manufacturing brands have stepped into the field for meeting and exceeding the demands of the clients because who doesn’t like better and healthier products? For this reason, the competition in the false lash market increased which has become an ultimate challenge when it comes down to production. 

Sure, there have been various problems that impacted the market growth but the false lash industry is maintaining to keep the annual growth at quite a reasonable rate. When we look at the investing side, the investments are likely to increase in the future and it’s incredibly optimistic. In addition, the market size of the false lash industry will be way more inflated by 2023. 

There are predictions that the consumption value and volume will increase over the next five years (the growth will be gradual and slow, by the way). The increment is likely to be around $100 during the years 2017 and 2022 while lashes made from synthetic hair will spike up to $700 by the end of 2022. Lastly, the machine lashes will start generating $800 in revenue. 

Types Of False Lashes 

There are different false lashes with differentiating factors, such as eye size, eye shape, lash size, and age. In the section below, we are sharing information about different lash types, such as;


These false lashes have become popular among people who want a more natural look. The clusters are designed with two to six lashes which are used by beauty parlor and salon workers. It delivers a voluminous appearance which makes it unsuitable for working women. In addition, the clusters are suitable for women with small eyes. 

Individual Lashes 

These lashes tend to be from 5mm to 7mm in length and are suitable for women of all ages (they are even great for young girls) because they deliver a natural look. However, these eyelashes aren’t suitable for old ladies because their eyes are more susceptible to damages due to weakness. These lashes are suitable for almond eyes and are perfect for working women. 


These false eyelashes tend to be 9mm long while the width is around 31mm. The eyelashes are extremely lightweight and affordable. It can be used with party makeup as well as bridal makeup. The best thing about magnetic eyelashes is that they are suitable for small eyes.


These are famous for increasing the length of original lashes. These eyelash extensions are perfect for working women and young girls who want a fresh and youthful appearance. This is suitable for women of every age. In addition, they can be used for normal days. Also, it complies with different eye shapes. 

Different Materials For Eyelash Packaging 

To be honest, the custom eyelash boxes are largely made from plastic material and don’t use any other material. Plastic has become the instrumental material for packaging purposes since it’s lightweight and helps save energy. In the section below, we are sharing different forms of plastic that are used in the eyelash packaging, such as;

  • High-density polyethylene – it is commonly used for making bottles
  • Low-density polyethylene – it is common for creating cable and wire components given the toughness and flexibility
  • Polyvinylchloride – it has immense clarity 
  • Polypropene – it is suitable since it has resistance to chemicals 

Designing Tips 

  • Choose the right shape according to the eyelash shape 
  • Choose the correct size of the box after measuring the eyelash size
  • Select different colors in the eyelash boxes because experimentation is always welcome
  • Don’t forget to add decorative elements

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