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Free Word to PDF Conversion

Everywhere you look today, you would find someone is creating some documents. They use word processors to input their work and create a Word file. One of the most popular software is Microsoft Word to create documents. During the COVID-19 pandemic, you might have to submit your work online. Viewing on different devices may hamper the actual formatting of the file. 

One way to solve that is to convert your Word files to PDF. Portable Document Format, more commonly known as PDF, keeps your file without changing anything. All the formatting and edits that you made to your document will be saved as is when you created it. Simply put, no matter if you pass the file around, nothing will change in it. 

Word to PDF Converter Tool

The most convenient way to convert files from Word to PDF is to use a converter tool. All you have to do is go to your browser and search for one. Wait a minute! Don’t just click on the first tool that will appear. What if there are dangers that you may be subjected to when you use it? Remember to take precautions when dealing with such matters.

There are many tools out there but this one will surely solve your worries! Do you want to find a safe, secure, and fast converter? Go visit PDFBear now! Thanks to PDFBear Word to PDF converter, everyone can change their files to portable document format. There’s more to this converter than just being safe. Keep reading to find out!

PDFBear’s Word to PDF converter

To brief you on what to expect from this website, let us introduce to you the features that make this site on fire! 

In a rush? Get your file done in 2 minutes

With this site, the conversion takes place in an instant. You simply have to follow three easy steps, and your file is done! Here’s a quick guide:

  1. Upload the Word file. From your device, select the document that you want to convert and upload it to the site. Dragging and dropping the file is also supported for your convenience.
  2. PDFBear will do its magic. After uploading, the site will do two things. It will first scan your file. Then, the site will convert it. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and wait for PDFBear to perform its magic
  3. Download. Once the conversion is done, you can simply click download and save your PDF.

Direct conversion

Converting your file isn’t a complicated process. Let the site do its work. If you are worried about the quality of the file, then rest assured that it will be the same as the original. No changes or edits will be done, so trust that PDFBear will convert your work efficiently!

Secure and private

When using PDFBear, you would never worry about privacy. The site values the trust of its customers the most. In compliance with that, the server will delete the files you uploaded once an hour passed. 

Compatible with all platforms

It’s a fact that not all people have the same device, browser, and operating system that they use. Some might be using Windows, MAC, Linux, or other operating systems. You won’t have trouble using this great tool no matter what platform you use. PDFBear’s Word to PDF converter will be especially useful if you have a Word file that isn’t supported by your OS. 

Cloud technology

While converting your files, the website uses cloud technology. Thus, no memory or CPU will be used. There’s also no need for any installations since it works online. You just need to have a good connection to convert your files.

Guaranteed quality

The best settings are set by the website to guarantee the quality of your PDF. All you have to do is upload, convert, and save your file. 

Using Microsoft Word to Convert Word Files to PDF

Another way to convert word files to PDF is to use MS Word. The software allows you to directly save your work in portable document format. You only need to do some steps. Click File > Save as > Input the file name > Select PDF in the Save as type button > Save. Hold on a minute! There are downsides here though.

There are many word processors aside from Microsoft Word. Maybe the one you are using is different so you can’t do the steps mentioned above. You might not have MS Word installed as well. It requires a premium subscription to access the software. The problem lies in its availability. No worries! PDFBear Word to PDF converter got your back!

Final Say

Indeed, we’re slowly integrating into the digital world now. Plenty of things can be done online, and submitting your work is part of that. To prevent your document from having changes due to differences in devices, you can convert your Word files to PDF. We are here to help you with that. Visit PDFBear and start converting your files now!

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