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Updated On May 21, 2021

Escape rooms. This is something that terrifies most people especially since most of the people have seen the movie references but the other half gets a thrill out of it. Escape rooms are slowly getting popular by the day due to the thrill that it gives to the people and also because people think of it as a way to test their limits.

Over time, companies have even made virtual escape rooms for those of us who like to keep our distance while having one. The Entermission Sydney virtual reality escape room has made quite a name for itself in a recent couple of months.

But that’s not our focus as today’s blog will shed light on a couple of escape rooms that are situated in Chicago.

Here are Two of The Best Escape Rooms In Downtown Chicago 

1. Fox in a box

Established in 2015 by the owner himself who was inspired by one of his own escape room experiences in Europe. Over time; he took the concept with him and that’s how it all started for a fox in a box escape room. This escape room firm offers 1-hour missions. You need key attributes like collaboration, communication, and cooperation to become the best.

Some of the best adventures of this firm are;

  • The Bank- the scene is of a central bank and you have a total of 60 minutes to steal a stash of diamonds. Are you ready for this heist?
  • The Bunker- you are in the middle of the beginning of the nuclear war as someone just initiated the launch sequence of a warhead. Will you be able to evade the danger?
  • The Prison- a jailbreak is in the making as you are an innocent who has 60 minutes to get his freedom back. Can you come up with the best prison break?
  • Zodiac- you have 60 minutes to escape from a serial killer who has kidnapped you. Can you cheat death this time around or are you doom to die?

2. RoomxEscape

This amazing firm offers three intriguing escape rooms. It is one of the most reputed places in downtown Chicago. One of the major reasons behind the popularity is the use of advanced technology in games and well-integrated puzzles.

The company has received 5-star ratings on several platforms and it is safe to say that the firm brings a certain type of thrill for tons of escape room enthusiasts. The rooms were specifically designe to test your character, your leadership; and your communications skills to see if an individual can go the distance or not.

Some of the major adventures of this firm include;

  • The Treasure- you have a total of 60 minutes to find the treasure in a haunted house. Get ready for a roller coaster-like experience.
  • The Pyramid- you have been left stranded in the middle of a desert and it is no surprise that people around the pyramids keep disappearing all the time. Will you be able to find a way out from the jaws of death?
  • The castle- the guardians of a holy grail are put to test as the grail is stolen. Can you retrieve the grail in 60 minutes?

These are the two best escape rooms in downtown Chicago; that one can go to if they are searching for a thrilling experience. You can also move to some other escape rooms that are unevenly spread all across the city of Chicago.

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