4 Reasons Why You Should Use PDFBear as Top-Pick Converter Tool

Why You Should Use PDFBear

Converting Word documents to PDF files is very common these days, especially the latter format file is universally used in sending and receiving important documents. The right tool is essential to do any conversion, making it possible to do it quickly. If you face electronic file uncertainties such as which method to use to convert your file promptly, we’re here to help. 

Yes, there are many online tools accessible, and it is not easy to choose which PDF converter is the best one since most of them offer almost the same services. But for what reason is the PDFBear converter tool recognized as one of the ideal PDF converters available? Simply scroll down the information below to find out.

Understanding The Importance of PDF Conversion 

Before we leap to the reasons why PDFBear is a top-pick conversion tool, we need to know and comprehend our electronic documents first. How to convert Word to PDF files is one of the usual questions for most of us. It is given that Microsoft Word documents are regularly utilized by most corporate organizations and private institutions to keep their legal documents, audit reports, and more. 

Microsoft Word comes with all the essential and suitable tools that can help anyone in creating tables, compositions, and many more. More than its correct spacing, it has so many features to bring to the table. The only downside goes to version differences; this is where format complexities start. 

Let’s say you have downloaded a unique text style and used it on your Word document. But that downloaded text style is not accessible in default MS Word programs. You will be experiencing some issues when you’ve sent these files to any recipient as they will show up differently. It is because their MS Word version doesn’t support it.

This kind of issue is why many people decide to change their files to the portable document format (PDF). And this does not make a difference to Word documents alone, as it goes for other file formats like PowerPoint presentations and Excel spreadsheet files. This is why converting Word to PDF files is necessary since this format provides perfect file content consistency despite being sent to various users with different systems and PDF versions.

1. PDFBear offers a quick-operating tool for PDF conversion  

The need for PDF conversion is the place where PDFBear comes in. On the off chance that you need speed, accuracy, and hassle-free process, this website is your top-pick. Although it is not the only tool available, its drive to satisfy its client’s needs is a top priority. 

You do not need to race to the closest computer shops to send your PDF files. Those days are gone already and would not be essential with the usage of online converter tools. Turn on your data, open your device browser, and go to the official website and main page of PDFBear. You can quickly access the first option of the service, converting your Word file to a PDF file in a few seconds.

With this website, you can now transfer and change over any document you want for only twenty seconds! Even though speed may depend on file size and internet speed, this is the expected period for most Word documents.

2. PDFBear can reconstruct PDFs To Their Base Formats 

Since PDFs are the most used and excellent electronic file format, why is it still a need to reconstruct their base formats? Wouldn’t that cause complication to the file’s format once more? Mostly, changing PDFs over Word and different structures is for editing purposes. Even though you can make minor adjustments to PDF structure documents, you can make pretty much nothing.

Add watermarks, e-signature, page numbers, and drawings are the most adjustments you can do in your files. The tools needed for this are likewise accessible in PDFBear. Directly visit the website’s landing page, click on the PDF to Word options, then upload your PDF. In just a few clicks, your file is now ready for download.

3. Decrease your File Size With PDF Compress 

Right now, PDFs are one of the smallest electronic files. This feature of PDF is another reason behind why most people prefer to convert any format to PDF. But of course, PDF formats are not perfect records, and they could, in any case, wind up as big files relying upon the enormity of their contents. This typically happens when there are high-resolution pictures included. 

One more thing is the point at which your PDF involves many such pages. Luckily, PDFBear has a first-notch PDF compressor to assist you with this document size problem. Transferring your PDF to PDFBear’s compressor contracts your file to its most critical size without compromising its quality. 

4. 100% Guaranteed Safe For Your Sensitive and Confidential Data 

On the off chance that you are handling the company’s files or legal documents, it is expected that your reports contain sensitive content. With PDFBear’s high requirement adherence, users can expect that the papers they transfer and convert are 100% safe and protected. This platform always uses an SSL connection that overwrites each transaction within an hour.


Although you can access the converter tools for free, you can likewise look at their PDFBear PRO to enjoy and use more perks and features. If you’re a starter, you can access first its 14-day free trial to get acquainted with its usage. We also recommend you go for the yearly membership of PDFBear PRO for more savings. However, if you need it temporarily, the monthly subscription also comes at a reasonable cost.

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